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h1. OsmoCon 2017

*OsmoCon (Osmocom Conference) 2017 is the first technical conference for Osmocom users, operators and developers!*

For the first time ever, the Osmocom Conference brings together users, operators and developers of the Osmocom Open Source cellular infrastructure projects, such as OsmoBTS, OsmoBSC, OsmoSGSN, OpenGGSN and others.

OsmoCon 2017 is your opportunity to deepen your understanding of Osmocom technology and to meet other people in and around the Osmocom Ecosystem.

Join us for a day of presentations and discussions with the main developers behind Open Source Mobile Communications, as well as commercial and non-profit users of the Osmocom cellular infrastructure software.

h2. Date

Save the Date: OsmoCon 2017 is scheduled on *April 21st, 2017*

The event is expected to start at *9:00 am* and sessions will continue until about *6:00 pm*. We will conclude the day with a *social event at night*, so please make sure you stay the night in Berlin and leave only on the 22nd.

h2. Programme

The Programme (list of talks/topics) is available at [[OsmoCon2017_Programme]] and includes

h3. Schedule

|08:00|09:00|%{color:green}Registration open%|-| |08:00|09:00|Registration open|-|
|09:00|09:15|Welcome / Introduction / Osmocom Project 101|Harald Welte|
|09:15|10:00|Running a basic circuit-switched Osmocom GSM network|Stephan Skrodzki|
|10:00|10:30|%{color:green}Morning break%|-| |10:00|10:30|Morning break|-|
|10:30|11:00|Configuring + running GPRS/EDGE data services with OsmoPCU, OsmoSGSN and OpenGGSN|Daniel Willmann|
|11:00|11:30|Interfacing with VoIP using osmo-sip-connector|Philipp Maier|
|11:30|12:15|Setting up a 3G network using osmo-iuh and a femto/small cell|Neels Hofmeyr|
|12:15|12:45|Using the Osmocom control interface|Max Suraev|
|12:45|13:45|%{color:green}Lunch Break (complimentary Lunch at venue restaurant)%|-| |12:45|13:45|Lunch Break|-|
|13:45|14:15|Osmocom Roadmap|Harald Welte|
|14:15|14:45|Reporting and investigating issues in Osmocom|Daniel Willmann|
|14:45|15:15|Osmocom Project Infrastructure (redmine, mailman, git, gerrit, jenkins)|Neels Hofmeyr|
|15:15|15:45|Fundamental GSM radio frequency planning|Harald Welte|
|15:45|16:15|%{color:green}Afternoon Break%|-| |15:45|16:15|Afternoon Break|-|
|16:15|17:00|Showcase: Running a commercial cellular network with OsmoBTS/OsmoPCU/OsmoBSC & co|Roch-Alexandre Nomine|
|17:00|17:30|Supported Base Station Hardware|Alexander Chemeris + TBD|
|17:30|18:00|Panel Discussion / Open Q&A session|Mod: Stephan Skrodzki|

h2. Venue

Jugendgaestehaus Hauptbahnhof
Seydlitzstrasse 20
10557 Berlin

The venue is in immediate vicinity of the Berlin Central Station (_Berlin Hauptbahnhof_)


h2. Tickets / Pricing

Tickets include
* access to all presentations
* complimentary snacks, coffee/tea and beverages during the morning and afternoon break
* lunch at the venue cafeteria
* social event in the evening, including finger food and beverages

Tickets are priced at 180 EUR (incl. 19% German VAT) and are available for purchase "here": (This price basically covers the expenses on venue, catering and event management.)

If you are a *community contributor* to one of the Osmocom projects (or related Open Source projects) and attending unrelated to your professional job, *you can apply for a complimentary ticket*. Please contact and identify your affiliation with the project. We also expect to have travel sponsorship available, please let us know if you are a community attendee and require funding of your travel expenses.

h2. Travel Grants

*2017-03-27: We now have [[OsmoCon2017_TravelGrants|Travel Grants]] available for attendees who are otherwise not able to cover their travel to [[OsmoCon2017]]. Please see [[OsmoCon2017_TravelGrants|Travel Grants]] for all related details!*

h2. Organizational Support

Event organization and planning is provided by "sysmocom":

h2. Venue / Travel Information

h3. Getting to the venue

h4. By Train

The venue is within walking distance of Berlin Central Station (_Berlin Hauptbahnhof_)

h4. By Plane

The TXL bus takes you directly from the Berlin TXL airport to the central station (_Berlin Hauptbahnhof_).

Coming from SXF airport, probably best take the S9 and change at _Ostkreuz_ to S5 (->_Spandau_), S7 (->_Potsdam Hbf_) or S75 (->_Westkreuz_), which takes you to directly to Berlin's _Hauptbahnhof_.

Local train services map: "PDF from":

h4. By Car

Please e-mail us in advance at if you require parking. We _may_ be able to arrange for parking reservation at the venue (TBC).

h3. Hotels in the vicinity of the venue

There are several hotels in the immediate vicinity of the OsmoCon venue. For your convenience, we have listed some below.

h4. Motel One Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Your low budget hotel Motel One Berlin-Central, very close to the conference venue.

h4. ibis Berlin Hauptbahnhof

h4. Meininger Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof

h4. Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt

Right outside of the main train station, in sight of the Federal Chancellery, you will find the Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt
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