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Use the Radio Access Capabilites that are being transferred via BSSGP (downlink)

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Parsing these RA Cap is prepared but not enabled, since the osmo SGSN sends bogus values. This should be fixed and the use of those RA Cap values should be enabled.

Note that the current analyse functions which extract the (EGPRS) MS class do not match the access type technologies field, which must be fixed. This is also relevant for the extraction of the 8PSK power class (see #2457)

Related issues

Related to OsmoPCU - Bug #3499: pcu is logging "Allocating DL TBF: MS_CLASS=0/0" ; TLV parsing code commented?Resolved08/24/2018


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  • Related to Bug #3499: pcu is logging "Allocating DL TBF: MS_CLASS=0/0" ; TLV parsing code commented? added

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This ticket is a duplicate (talking about same issue) of #3499

We need to add some TTCN3 test to check emulation-SGSN sending this data to PCU and make sure it's taken into account.

Related code: gprs_bssgp_pcu_rx_dl_ud() (src/gprs_bssgp_pcu.cpp).

Related commits (from older to newer, they are together in history):

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#8 Updated by pespin 8 months ago

Thanks to all recent work done in osmo-pcu CSN1/RLCMAC decoder, I could investigate the issue further, and it should be fixed by

Tested with:

keith give it a try if you want.

PS: I also submitted a patch to wirershark to be able to decode non CS-1 (e)gprs data blocks, see #1542.

Closing this ticket and keeping #3499 (duplicate of this ticket) open until they are merged.

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