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link/rate adaption as per spec

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Even for GPRS only, our downlink link/rate adaption currently is only based on the error rate in terms of how many lost RLC packets / bytes we see from that MS. This method works well but is not conforming to a certain standard.

As per the GPRS spec, it should be based on bit error rate, expressed as link quality measurements, as it is done in the uplink direction.

What needs to be done
  • the above metrics first need to be computed/generated as per spec and then passed into a decision making algorithm.
  • that algorithm should be modular so that we can experiment (and switch at runtime) future different algorithms to compare them against each other.
  • unit tests for metrics + inital algorithm

Also, it is a question whether we should keep all the above separate for uplink and downlink, resulting in possibly diffeent CS based on the direction.

Finally, the question is how to test this properly, in a way that can be automatized and become part of a continuous integration setup.

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My awareness level of this issue so far is very low.

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  • Related to Bug #1616: osmo-bts-trx / osmo-bts-octphy doesn't provide C/I information to PCU added

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  • Related to Feature #1536: Implement adaptive CS selection added

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