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Interfacing the MSC with other networks: Roaming interfaces / MAP

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The classic Osmo{BSC,BTS,PCU,SGSN,NITB} etc. projects have no direct interface to SS7, SIGTRAN, TCAP, MAP or CAP.

At the same time we have plenty of projects in various states of maturity for the core network side, including independent TCAP/MAP implementations written in Smalltalk and Erlang, as well as simple core network elements like HLR/AUC.

In order to keep the TCAP/MAP/SCCP complexity away from the C language Osmo* components, we came up with the strategy to implement simpler protocols/interfaces on the same level of the interface. One such step can be seen with the GSUP protocol in OsmoSGSN, which can be proxied to a real MAP protocol for InsertSubscriber and SendAuthenticationInfo towards a real HLR.

No such interfaces for the NITB have been developed yet. The question is how realistic it is to operate a real core network on this basis. The NITB as it is will not likely receive a gsmSSF required for CAMEL, and most real/public telecom networks today require full CAMEL support for accepting inbound prepaid roaming subscribers.

Would a NITB with MAP gateway make sense without a gsmSSF/smsSSF?


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