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extend/complete OsmoSGSN user manual

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The OsmoSGSN user manual is less complete than some of the other user manuals we have in the osmo-gsm-manuals project. Let's try to change that.


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The manual seems not to document how the ACL works. It only says that there is an ACL (chapter 9.2), but not how to use it.

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  • Extended chapter 9.1 Authorization Policy
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  • Minor fixups

There is a chapter 10.3 FIXME, that should be fixed next.

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Reading through the manual now and came across a couple questions/remarks:

  • Ch. 4.2.4 LLC Implementation says there is no header/data compression. I think the compression dexter implemented (RFC1144 and V.42bis) is meant here even though it talks about IP header compression in the overview, but TCP/IP header compression in ch. 9.5.
  • LLC encryption is now supported since the SGSN can connect to the HLR. It seems only GEA3 and GEA4 are implemented in libosmocore.
  • In the limitations only paging coordination and SMS over PS remain?

So far I went through the overview and running chapters, going to look at configuring and Gb next.

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