Bug #1792

2 MS tests: Issue with TS allocation for DL in PCU

Added by arvind.sirsikar over 4 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Hi All,

When 4 TS is configured for DL and testing 2 MSs it was found that 1st MS gets 4 TS where as next MS gets 3 TS. causing issue with DL traffic fairness between MSs.

issue is traced to "static int find_multi_slots" function which considers both UL/DL capacity for TS calculation causing 2 TS allocation for UL and 3 for DL.

as of now

if (capacity <= max_capacity) condition in same function is modified to

if (rx_window < max_dl_slots) to concentrate only on DL.

Aravind Sirsikar


#1 Updated by arvind.sirsikar about 4 years ago

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waiting for review feed back on Gerrit for

#2 Updated by arvind.sirsikar about 4 years ago

Current PCU implementation aims at supporting "many MSs with lesser resources"compared to "giving all the resources to fewer MSs".

The patch tries to give same(rather max)resources to all the MSs. However it is applicable only for lab testing.

Moving this patch to abandoned state as of now. This patch can be merged if necessary for lab testing.

#3 Updated by zecke about 4 years ago

What would it take to scale this? We should not have a flag that makes it look good in a lab with a a handful of phones while in practice we run into resource conflicts too early.

#4 Updated by laforge over 3 years ago

#5 Updated by laforge over 3 years ago

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#6 Updated by pespin 9 months ago

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There's a test case in AllocTest showcasing this issue in function test_2_consecutive_dl_tbfs().

So once fixed the following assert should pass when checked against == 4:

OSMO_ASSERT(numTs2 == 3);

See osmo-pcu.git commit e26ee01d56b4c4c2da6abc6b649cb765d5787b98 for more information.

#7 Updated by laforge 9 months ago

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