Bug #2332

Compiler bug in current jenkins' ARM compiler

Added by pespin over 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Our current version of ARM compiler running on jenkins is having the following gcc issue:

As we are in the process of enabling -Wall -Werror, this warning generated due to the bug gets converted into an error and the build fails.
A patch was provided for libosmocore code to fix compilation in case the bug is triggered, see

Best option would be to either patch&rebuild the gcc-arm used on jenkins or update it to a newer version, as we may hit this issue later with other osmocom projects and more patches will need to be provided.

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#1 Updated by msuraev over 1 year ago

Which gcc version are we using and to which version we got to update to get this fixed?

#2 Updated by msuraev over 1 year ago

  • Related to Bug #2334: Package update/install on jenkins build slave added

#3 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

when cross-compiling for ARM in the sysmoBTS case, we should use the exact toolchain/sdk version that we have for the stable distribution (201310). Using different compilers on jenkins and in production doesn't make sense.

#4 Updated by laforge 10 months ago

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is this still an issue? What about my comment 9 months ago?

#5 Updated by pespin 10 months ago

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The only places where I am aware that we are using the ARM cross compiler for sysmobts related stuff are:
- verify-sdk-nightly: Since a while ago it has automatically been downloading latest available SDK from downloads webpage and it's running fine.
- osmo-gsm-tester osmo-bts-sysmo/osmo-pcu-sysmo: Since OS#2616 was resolved, we are using 201705 there and we have an up-to-date SDK being used too.

So I think we can close this ticket.

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