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SMSC: Store&Forward not working for subscribed but unregistered MS

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The following issue is specific to the splitted NITB components (MSC, BSC, HLR, etc). Using NITB the following is handled correctly.

While writing osmo-gsm-tester smpp test to check use of Store&Forward mode, I run into the following scenario:

  1. Core network + BTS is turned on, no MS available yet
  2. An esme connects to the SMSC, and sends an SMS ("submit_sm" message with mode="Store&Forward") to an MS which is still not registered into the network (but it is subscribed, ie. it is on the database).
  3. the SMSC should store the SMS and send a submit_sm_resp message with everything correct, but instead it sends an error:
    smpplib.exceptions.PDUError: ('(11) submit_sm_resp: Invalid Destination Address', 11)

I asked Neels about this and here's his detailed answer on the topic:

<neels> pespin: makes sense, because in the NITB we have the HLR information in the local database. With the MSC we need to ask the HLR to know whether a subscriber exists -- and so far we do this only for location updating and authentication when the subscriber attaches.
<neels> pespin: it seems we need to either store all SMS unconditionally or add an FSM that asks the HLR whether to accept an SMS for a given number

The test contains commnented code to trigger the issue. Once this is fixed, that part of the test needs to be uncommented and validated with it.


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I just realized this is not the correct project for this bug report, as I'm talking about the openbsc implementation here. Moving to OsmoMSC.

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