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have IMEI in HLR DB

Added by neels 9 months ago.

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Especially for communal operators that allow 3rd party SIM cards to camp on the network and that deal with "random"
IMSIs showing up to get signed on to the network, it is important to be able to query the subscriber database for
the IMEI.

The IMEI is often the only identification of an MS that is readily available if we haven't given out a SIM card,
and hence the least ambiguous way to associate a random LU to a real-life person waiting to get authorized.

We should transport the IMEI (IMEISV) via GSUP to the HLR and store it in the HLR database, if the VLR is configured
to retrieve the IMEI / IMEISV from the subscriber.

The database scheme as well as the GSUP protocol need to be expanded for this to work.

Note that this use case also depends on the ability to record LU attempts of unknown subscribers,
i.e. a "subscriber create-on-demand" feature like in the old OsmoNITB.

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  • Related to Feature #2542: have subscriber create-on-demand added

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  • Related to Feature #3189: make retrieval of IMEI, IMEISV configurable added

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