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Review the various incomplete and never merged changes in radisys branch

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Radisys was developing some PCU changes but unfortunately dropped off the planet without ever completing them or going through complete review+merge process. We have to investigate what's in their repository/branches and see what we can rescue from there and clean-up/merge.

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  • Related to Bug #1775: LC15: No PDCH allocation across two TRX added
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Where is this radisys branch?

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On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 11:21:16AM +0000, keith [REDMINE] wrote:

Where is this radisys branch?

it's actually an entire separate repo, see

you can add it to your existing osmo-pcu git clone using something like

git remote add radisys
git fetch radisys

and then look at specific branches or all of them (and compare differences to
the normal osmo-pcu.git) using 'gitk --all' or the like.

Thanks for showing an interest in this area!

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it may make more sense to review these days, this is an osmo-pcu fork that NuRAN ships on their products.

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Updated by keith almost 4 years ago

I did look at that last year, but did not find anything I could identify as useful in the branch on

I also began looking at the nrw_noa branches, but can't find my ( mental) notes. :) I think it was a level++ above my ability to do any static analysis of it at the time.

lynxis if you would like me to run some tests on anything you are doing, please ping me.

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