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migrate to python3

Added by msuraev almost 2 years ago. Updated about 21 hours ago.

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Python 2 is scheduked for complete deprecation by upstream in 2 years -
We should migrate all remaining python 2 code to python 3.

The code in osmo-python-tests iscompatible with both python 2 and 3 as of 2f266e0cec10e32db8781a8fb788b0432c33d6d9.

This allows to migrate code which uses it (ctrl and vty tests) to python 3. Once there're no more python 2 code depending on osmo-python-tests, we can drop support for python 2 from osmo-python-tests.


  • osmo-python-tests
  • osmo-gsm-manuals
  • docker image used with jenkins scripts (osmo-ci)


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I belive most of this has been done meanwhile, but maybe a good idea to check the status and update this ticket, including a check list with what's still missing [if any]?

#3 Updated by osmith 2 days ago

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This should be straight forward, it seems that all scripts are already python3 compatible. So we only need to drop the python2 support.

However, I'm having problems with the debian packaging; override_dh_auto_install in debian/control does not appear to be working. When building the package, it still calls with "python" instead of "python3".

#4 Updated by osmith about 24 hours ago

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Patch submitted for osmo-python-tests:

osmo-gsm-manuals needs to be fixed too, it depends on python-pychart at least (instead of python3-pychart).

#5 Updated by osmith about 23 hours ago

osmo-gsm-manuals needs to be fixed too, it depends on python-pychart at least (instead of python3-pychart).

Turns out, that there is no python3-pychart package. Upstream of pychart seems to be dead, and nobody ported it to python3.

The good news is, that we are barely using it in the manuals. The only place I can find, where we use it, is in the osmux reference, the chart for "Evaluation: Expected traffic savings". Furthermore it seems that generating this chart was broken for some time - the pdf only shows the text "osmux-reference__8.png" where it should be.

So I will create an svg from the image once, and then drop the python2 dependency.

#6 Updated by pespin about 23 hours ago

Hi, with regards to osmux chart being broken see

#7 Updated by osmith about 21 hours ago

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Hi, with regards to osmux chart being broken see

Thanks for the pointer! As side-effect, we can close this issue once the patches are merged.

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