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virtphy should have a localhost-only mode

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I am using a virual-um setup on my laptop for osmocom development and testing without additional hardware.

In this situation I do not want virtphy's traffic leaking to the local network,
however the traffic currently leaks.

As a workaround, virtphy could be run in a separate network namespace or a virtual machine.
But this issue seeks a solution which works without resorting to a separate network stack.

Blocking the traffic with iptables leads to errors on virtphy's socket, and adding a route to 224/4 via lo does
not have the desired effect as multicast traffic is still routed towards the default route.

Possible solutions:
Harald suggested trying to set the TTL of multicast packets to 0, and there's also the IP_MULTICAST_IF socket option
which could be used to bind virtphy to a specific interface.


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using osmo_sock_mcast_ttl_set(ofd->fd, 0) prevents any of the multicast IP packets from being broadcast over the network. As an interesting side-effect, it also makes the GSMTAP IP not show up in any pcap capture anymore, neither on lo, nor any, nor the physical ethernet. The latter makes somewhat sense - but is of course not useful for debugging while operating real networks.

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Patch in adds vty config option on BTS side to configure multicast TTL.

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