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resurrect meas_feed

Added by neels almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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meas_feed was an important feature from openbsc.git to send out measurement reports to external tools.
It lived in libmsc/, which is why it was inadvertently dropped during the repository split.
Correct that by resurrecting meas_feed in osmo-bsc.

Related issues

Related to OsmoBSC - Feature #2969: obtain and store subscriber identityResolved02/21/2018

Related to Cellular Network Infrastructure - Bug #3192: meas_vis: use the lchan identity as primary key, not the IMSINew04/21/2018


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#2 Updated by neels almost 3 years ago

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resurrected meas_feed.c in osmo-bsc.git on branch neels/meas_feed.
Only need to test it with an actual BTS to verify that it works.

#3 Updated by neels almost 3 years ago

I tested my meas_feed patch for osmo-bsc, and it works, but:
The meas_vis and meas_web tools though appear to use the lchan's IMSI as primary key to visualizing active lchans.
In the old osmo-nitb, we always knew the IMSI of an lchan, and the old meas_feed code even omitted lchans we didn't know the IMSI for.
In osmo-bsc, though, we so far hardly ever know the subscriber's IMSI. The measurement feeds mostly have no IMSI.
The result is that all lchans' measurement reports are mistaken to belong to the same line, swapping through the data points on a single line.

So meas_vis and meas_web should always have used the lchan's bts,trx,ts,ss number to list the lchans by #3192.
To help current versions of these tools, osmo-bsc can help by trying to identify the IMSI of the subscriber where possible: #2969.

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  • Related to Feature #2969: obtain and store subscriber identity added

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  • Related to Bug #3192: meas_vis: use the lchan identity as primary key, not the IMSI added

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meas_feed.c was added back to osmo-bsc in I186c7a995dd2b81746c32a58b55da64ed195a1ce yet the common tools (meas_vis, meas_web) cannot work with it since they rely on an IMSI being present in each Meas Report. Those need fixing to comprehensively re-enable meas_feed.

Though, the "resurrect meas_feed in osmo-bsc" part is done now. Closing this issue and leaving the remaining meas_feed ecosystem bugs to the other issues linked here already.

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