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automatic test setup for OsmoGGSN with kernel-gtp-u

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We do have some tests in GGSN_Tests.ttcn which are executed at

However, this runs osmo-ggsn only in userspace mode, i.e. we're not testing the interaction with kernel-gtp-u.

Let's create a setup in which we can test with [various version of the] kernel gtp-u module. I guess this would then mean we're running some qemu-kvm VM with a given kernel + distribution, in which we're running a specified version of osmo-ggsn.

Turning the VM into a jenkins build slave is not a good idea, as that would mean it's not possible to build + restart a different kernel as needed. So we should rather have something like a build slave which then (inside a jenkins job) starts the VM with OsmoGGSN, possibly after rebuilding kernel and/or osmo-ggsn.

Related issues

Related to OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) - Bug #3215: GGSN_Tests.ttcn GTP-U sequence number handling incompatible with kernel GTP-UResolved04/25/2018


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I'm not working with an automatic setup yet, but what I have managed so far is:
  • script to create a qumu-kvm VM with Debian 9 and all required packages, plus the libmnl, libgtpnl and osmo-ggsn source code
  • another script to
    • build a given [newer] Linux kernel version on the host, followed by
    • scp the resulting kernel+modules into the running VM and
    • using update-grub to activate the new kernel [only works if new version is higher]

This setup can then be used to run GGSN_Tests.ttcn against it.

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  • Related to Bug #3215: GGSN_Tests.ttcn GTP-U sequence number handling incompatible with kernel GTP-U added

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