Bug #3654

Can't select LimeSDR by serial number

Added by Y2Kot over 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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I'm trying to set LimeSDR for using with osmo-trx. I have 2 devices plugged. I set serial number in osmo-trx.cfg, however osmo-trx-lms always get the first one.
My config looks like:

log stderr
 logging filter all 1
 logging color 1
 logging print category 1
 logging timestamp 1
 logging print file basename
 logging level set-all info
line vty
 no login
 base-port 5700
 egprs disable
 dev-args serial=0009070105C6170B // I also tried to add just serial but no changes
 tx-sps 4
 rx-sps 4
 rt-prio 18
 chan 0
  tx-path BAND1
  rx-path LNAW


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#3 Updated by pespin about 2 years ago

Check LMSDevice::open in ./Transceiver52M/device/lms/LMSDevice.cpp, "args" is passed there as a string.

What I would do: accept in VTY same format as we use for osmo-trx-uhd, for instance: "LimeSDR-USB,addr=1d50:6108,serial=0009060B00471827"

Then, create a function which splits each token into an vector of strings (comma is the separator).

Then, for each lms_info_str_t returned in LMS_GetDeviceList(info_list), check if all strings coming from the generated vector can be found as substrings of that lms_info_str_t. If that's the case, return that one.

Modify the call to LMS_Open() to use the returned lms_info_str_t instead of info_list0.

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Merged, assigning to myself to make use of this feature in osmo-trx-lms attached in osmo-gsm-tester.

#7 Updated by pespin almost 2 years ago

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Patch submitted in uses it in osmo-gsm-tester.

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