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TC_chan_rel_hard_clear_csfb does not pass

Added by dexter over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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The TTCN3 test TC_chan_rel_hard_clear_csfb does not pass, while TC_chan_rel_hard_clear does. The difference between the two tests is minimal.

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Updated by dexter over 2 years ago

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There seems to be a problem with the configuration of osmo-bsc. The log of the BSC complains about a missing EARFCN setting and that it therefore can not indicate the CSFB fast return. And the testcase TC_chan_rel_hard_clear_csfb indeed calls f_expect_chan_rel() with is_csfb := true. So the TTCN3 test looks right, its the RSL CHANNEL RELEASE from the BSC that lacks an IE.

I have added an EARFCN to the configuration:
si2quater neighbor-list add earfcn 111 thresh-hi 20 thresh-lo 10 prio 3 qrxlv 22 meas 3

This made the test pass, I think when we just add that line to the osmo-bsc.cfg in docker the problem should be fixed. However, we may into trouble with that if the patches that add the feature are not already merged in latest. I will check if that is possible. Alternatively we have to add the EARFCN from the testcase via VTY commands.

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Updated by dexter over 2 years ago

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I have checked back that the si2quater works with latest by looking up when the VTY command was added. I also gave it a quick test on a system where latest is installed, so I expect no problems with ttcn3-bsc-test-latest. I have added the line now to the configuration: ttcn3-bsc-test: set EARFCN in osmo-bsc.cfg

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Updated by dexter over 2 years ago

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