Bug #3932

Check in CommonBssmapUnitdataCallback always assumes f_imsi_table_find succeeded

Added by daniel about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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isvalue(null) returns true since it just checks for bound values.

From a recent ttcn3-msc-tester run:

MSC_Test-MNCC(449)@87b5f3d98983: Added conn table entry 0TC_lu_and_mt_call_no_dlcx_resp(454)756985435
MSC_Test_0-M3UA(447)@87b5f3d98983: Message received on association #8
MSC_Test_0-M3UA(447)@87b5f3d98983: MTP3_SP_PORT: Data received -> TRANSFERind sent
MSC_Test_0-BSSMAP(446)@87b5f3d98983: Deleted conn table entry 0TC_lu_and_mt_call_no_dlcx_resp(454)12285786
MSC_Test_0-BSSMAP(446)@87b5f3d98983: CommonBssmapUnitdataCallback: IMSI/TMSI found in table, dispatching to null
MSC_Test_0-BSSMAP(446)@87b5f3d98983: Dynamic test case error: Data cannot be sent on port CLIENT to component 0 because there is no connection towards component 0.
MSC_Test-MNCC(449)@87b5f3d98983: Deleted conn table entry 0TC_lu_and_mt_call_no_dlcx_resp(454)756985435

Instead we should check if client != null and react on that.


#2 Updated by dexter about 2 years ago

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I have checked in docker. However, to my surprise a lot of SGSAP related test do fail now. I don't think that this is related but lets wait until I had a closer look to this tomorrow.

#3 Updated by dexter about 2 years ago

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I have inspected the problem with the SGs tests locally. Its a crash in osmo-msc, I will have a look into this now. As far as this fix is concerned everything seems to be fine.

#4 Updated by dexter about 2 years ago

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