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dynamic IPA ASPs

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The traditional way of configuring ASP (Application Server Processes) in an STP/ITP, ncluding
osmo-stp is to manually / statically configure them in the configuration system. This doesn't easily scale.

osmo-stp already implements some parts of dynamic ASP creation for the M3UA protocol by
means of extending M3UA RKM (Routing Key Management).

This feature seeks to implement dynamic ASPs using the IPA/SCCPlite protocol. The key question
is how to identify/map a given incoming IPA connection (treated internally like a M3UA ASP) to a given AS. It is proposed to use the IPA CCM mechanism for this, so one of the UNIT_ID /
SERIAL_NR tags exchanged at IPA connection setup can be used as a look-up key to find the AS to
which this dynamic connection belongs.

Implementation of this feature will include
  1. Detailed specification of mechanism to map incoming IPA connection to AS
  2. Implementation of auto-creating dynamic ASPs on incoming IPA connection
  3. Implementation of automatic test cases in TTCN-3

Related issues

Follows OsmoSTP - Feature #4220: osmo_ss7: support traffic-mode load-shareIn Progress10/08/2019


#1 Updated by laforge 5 days ago

some updates

  • the lookup of the AS is already done in ipa_asp_fsm_wait_id_resp(), and the "IPA CCM unit name" is used as look-up key for the AS name
DLSS7 <000c> ipa.c:103 IPA_ASP(asp-dyn-3){WAIT_ID_RESP}: Received Event IPA_CCM_ID_RESP
DLSS7 <000c> osmo_ss7.c:1022 0: Adding ASP asp-dyn-3 to AS mahlzeit
  • we already create dynamic ASPs within that AS after such a look-up, they are called "asp-dyn-NR" where NR is an incrementing integer
OsmoSTP# show cs7 instance 0 asp
                                                          Effect Primary
ASP Name      AS Name       State          Type  Rmt Port Remote IP Addr  SCTP
------------  ------------  -------------  ----  -------- --------------- ----------
asp-dyn-3     ?             WAIT_ID_ACK2   ipa   20000                 
asp-dyn-4     ?             WAIT_ID_ACK2   ipa   20001                 
asp-dyn-5     ?             WAIT_ID_ACK2   ipa   20002                 

what is currently undefined is the behavior in presence of multiple IPA ASP for one AS. I think we should wait for this to work in M3UA (see #4220) and then re-visit this ticket.

#2 Updated by laforge 5 days ago

  • Due date set to 10/09/2019
  • Start date changed from 10/08/2019 to 10/09/2019
  • Follows Feature #4220: osmo_ss7: support traffic-mode load-share added

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