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bitvec: bitvec_read_field() can never return negative value on error

Added by fixeria almost 2 years ago. Updated 14 days ago.

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The doxygen documentation of bitvec_read_field() tells us that it can return a negative on error:

/*! read part of the vector
 *  \param[in] bv The boolean vector to work on
 *  \param[in,out] read_index Where reading supposed to start in the vector
 *  \param[in] len How many bits to read from vector
 *  \returns read bits or *negative value on error*
uint64_t bitvec_read_field(struct bitvec *bv, unsigned int *read_index, unsigned int len) { ... }

However, as can be seen its return value is unsigned - uint64_t. So actually it returns a huge number on error.

This can be seen in the logs of OsmoPCU:

| Padding = 22|86|86|86|86|18446744073709551594|

where 18446744073709551594 is basically a negative number casted to uint64_t.

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Updated by fixeria almost 2 years ago

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Not sure how we're supposed to fix this problem. Changing the type of return value to 'int' does not seem to be a good solution. Most likely, we would have to deprecate this function in favor of a new one... or even multiple functions like bitvec_read_u8(), bitvec_read_u16(), bitvec_read_u32() and bitvec_read_u64().

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Updated by fixeria almost 2 years ago

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Unit test demonstrating the problem:

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Updated by fixeria 15 days ago

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I came up with an idea to use errno in order to indicate errors: bitvec_read_field(): indicate errors using errno [NEW]

so there is no need to deprecate this function. While working on it, I found and fixed some additional problems: bitvec_read_field(): fix incorrect bit-shift issue found by UBSan [NEW] bitvec_read_field(): optimize by expanding bytenum_from_bitnum() [NEW] tests/ ensure empty stderr for the bitvec_test [NEW]

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Updated by fixeria 14 days ago

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All patches have been merged.


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