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osmo-bsc: We should be announcing NMO I instead of NMO II

Added by pespin about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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<fixeria> pespin: are you aware of BSS_PAGING_COORDINATION?
<fixeria> pespin:
<pespin> fixeria, never heard of it, good you find it. Are we using mode II or III? I don't recall which is which now
fixeria> pespin: GPRS_NMO_II as far as I can see from the code
<fixeria> pespin: DTM: found it in 44.018: "Dual transfer mode" section
<pespin> fixeria, osmo-bsc/src/osmo-bsc/system_information.c:1147 -> .nmo            = GPRS_NMO_II,
LaF0rge> fixeria: pespin: We should be using NMO I!
<LaF0rge> pespin: NMO_II requires the MS to monitor the CCCH while in active TBF
<LaF0rge> pespin: NMO_I is where CS paging gets delivered over PACCH while in active TBF
<LaF0rge> NMO_III would probably also work (as we don't have a PCCCH).
<LaF0rge> We would use NMO_II only if we didn't pass CS paging from BTS via the PCU socket into the PCU
<LaF0rge> pespin: NMO_II would mean that the MS has to continouusly interrupt packet transfer mode and switch to CCCH to see if there's a CS paging.  This will degrade throughput significantly.
<LaF0rge> pespin: as we transmit paging both on CCCH and on PACCH (the PCU socket just gets a copy of the paging), NMO_II should work - but it's far suboptimal compared to NMO_I
<LaF0rge> pespin: and I think DTM is more or less a theoretical option.  I always thought there are no such modems, or if they exist, they're very rare.  So I never bothered about it
<whytek> Wow, really, I looked at all this NMO last week, and checked the SI, noted that we had NMO II and assumed that the pcu and bts should behave accordingly.
<whytek> but this is wrong????
<LaF0rge> whytek: well, as I just statead, it should work, too - but is suboptimal to NMO_I
<whytek> LaF0rge, yep.. There were some things that i remember reading in the spec (can't remember now, i ran out of threads in my brain) that made me pose questions about mode I or II
pespin> osmo-bsc.git 858491821f72af4dcb63d8af66d45b7aa7b231e1    it seems there we moved from III to II


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