Feature #4520

gbproxy: Redundancy between NS-VCs (BSS Side)

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Each osmo-gbproxy is interconnected via several E1 lines to the BSS.

The normal Gb interface load distribution functions must ensure that traffic is transparently passed only over those NS-VCs that are marked as UNBLOCKED, ALIVE.

Related issues

Related to osmo-gbproxy - Feature #4519: Load Sharing Function in osmo-gbproxyResolved05/01/2020


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  • Related to Feature #4519: Load Sharing Function in osmo-gbproxy added

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this is already present in the wip-fr branches, but needs testing. See also #4519.

The NS_Emulation in TTCN3 also has load sharing code at this point, it has been manually verified to work.

#3 Updated by laforge about 1 month ago

There's a TC_load_sharing_dl() which consistently passes here, at least when used with NS/FR to the [simulated] BSS.

As we now have automatic executing of the FR tests, we should make sure to enable it there.

This ticket remains open to
  • make sure we have (and automatically execute) a related test for the NS/IP case

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