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Automatic TTCN3 tests for frequency hopping support in BSC

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We currently have no testing at all whether or not the BSC encodes the various "Channel Description IEs" as expected when frequency hopping is in use.

We know it worked once a decade ago when we first implemented it with Siemens BTS, but that's a long time ago.

tnt recently reported he had frequency hopping active on an Ericsson BTS driven by OsmoBSC, but only signalling up to Location Update, no voice channels in use. Also, that is just a single manual test and not an automatic test.

Let's try to cover this part of the BSC codebase with TTCN-3 tests.


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#2 Updated by fixeria 7 days ago

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I did a quick test, and according to Wireshark (OML dialect is set to ip.access), osmo-bsc encodes a malformed ARFCN list in Set Channel Attributes message. At first glance, looks like a wrong endianness problem:

IPA protocol ip.access, type: OML
    DataLen: 27
    Protocol: OML (0xff)
GSM A-bis OML, Radio Channel(00,00,06) Set Channel Attributes 
    Message Discriminator: Formatted O&M (0x80)
    Placement Indicator: Only (0x80)
    Sequence Number: 0x00
    Length Indicator: 9
    FOM Message Type: Set Channel Attributes
        FOM Object Class: Radio Channel (0x03)
        FOM Object Instance BTS: 0
        FOM Object Instance TRX: 0
        FOM Object Instance TS: 6
        FOM Attribute ID: Channel Combination
            FOM Attribute Length: 1
            Channel Combination: SDCCH (0x03)
        FOM Attribute ID: HSN
            FOM Attribute Length: 1
            HSN: 1
        FOM Attribute ID: MAIO
            FOM Attribute Length: 1
            MAIO: 0
        FOM Attribute ID: ARFCN List
            FOM Attribute Length: 2051
            ARFCN: 26371
            ARFCN: 26883
            ARFCN: 27395
            ARFCN: 27968
[Malformed Packet: A-bis OML]
    [Expert Info (Error/Malformed): Malformed Packet (Exception occurred)]
        [Malformed Packet (Exception occurred)]
        [Severity level: Error]
        [Group: Malformed]

#3 Updated by fixeria 7 days ago

At first glance, looks like a wrong endianness problem

Actually, 3GPP TS 12.21 defines coding of 'ARFCN List' as TL16V, where where L16 is the length of V. However, BS-11 treats it as TLV, or rather TCV, where C is the amount of ARFCNs in V. I wrote a fix that makes 'ARFCN List' look good (as per 3GPP TS 12.21) in Wireshark. Unfortunately, I cannot test it against the real hardware, because neither I have a BS-11 nor any Ericsson BTS. abis_nm: fix ARFCN list encoding in Set Channel Attributes

tnt, if you have time, could you please test if it does not break your setup with hopping? Thanks in advance!

#4 Updated by tnt 7 days ago

Ericsson BTS use OM2k, not OML.
Nokia BTS use their own stuff as well, not standard 12.21 OML either.

I just don't have any BTS using that code.

#5 Updated by fixeria 7 days ago

Ericsson BTS use OM2k, not OML.

Ah, right. Now I see that osmo-bsc has a separate implementation for OM2k.

Nokia BTS use their own stuff as well, not standard 12.21 OML either.

Yep. And unlike OM2k, its implementation is mixed with generic 12.21 OML :/

Thanks for your feedback!

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