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Add more distro/platform/archs to jenkins CI

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Currently we rely on OBS to run unit test software on several architectures/distributions/versions. However, OBS hosts lack some features which means we need to disable them when we run there (such as socket_sctp_test), and hence only get tested mostly only in x86_64 on one debian version.

That means we don't test such features in ARM, or in Ubuntu or CentOS, or debian unstable.


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I think we should run related tests as part of the 'master' tests, or as separate tests that run (at most) once per day. Exploding our configuration matrix for gerrit review is going to slow down our development process too much.

So I would say:
  • Add one i586 target to the gerrit job (or switch one of the existing targets from amd64 to i586)
  • execute "make distcheck" at least on one arm (e.g. our "Debian9-rpi4build) and on CentOS8/amd64

I'll start by looking at creating a few related build slaves.

#2 Updated by laforge 2 months ago

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One interestign problem just occurred: docker-ce doens't have any publicly available builds for 32bit x86.

N: Skipping acquire of configured file 'stable/binary-i386/Packages' as repository ' buster InRelease' doesn't support architecture 'i386'

So we cannot have a debian9/debian10 lxc in i386 which then runs all our docker based tests.

Somebody seemed to have an old patch to be able to build docker on i386: - but we don't really want to maintain our own docker builds, do we?

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I switched to the debian-supplied package for now.

Next problem was that we don't have binary packages libfftranscode for anything but amd64.

There also were a variety of limitations in our ansible playbook, but I'm happy to report that I now have successfully deployed "setup-jenkins-slave.yml" on a Debian10 i586.

#4 Updated by laforge 2 months ago

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With and merged, I can actually run entire dockerized test suites on an i586 Debian10 lxc now, just like we can on amd64.

I know that's not exactly what this ticket is about, but I wanted to keep our amd64 and i586 setups as similar as possible.

#5 Updated by laforge 2 months ago

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