Bug #4733

RPM feeds don't have conflicts between nightly/latest/next

Added by laforge 5 months ago. Updated 5 days ago.

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For the Debian package feeds, we have a mechanism in place that marks nightly conflicting with latest and next, and vice-versa. This is implemented in the osmo_obs_prepare_conflict shell function of

This mechanism is missing from the RPM builds (it apparently was forgotten when adding RPM packages), which makes it easy to run incompatible versions of programs/libraries.

We need to replicate this for RPM based distributions like CentOS.


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#4 Updated by osmith 10 days ago

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I've added a the dummy package for rpm. As discussed, I've also made all packages of nightly and next depend on a specific version of the dummy package (so one can't mix packages from different dates by accident).

Done is at 60% now, because I'd like to extend repo-install-test to continuously test that the conflicts work as intended. From manual testing, it appears to be working as expected.

#5 Updated by osmith 7 days ago

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Previous patches are merged and rolled out. The RPM packages are built for both CentOS and openSUSE, and for the latter, rpmlint started to complain about libraries depending on specific versions of packages. This is desired in our use case (for nightly and next feeds), so I've added a patch to make the error non-fatal:

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#9 Updated by osmith 5 days ago

After succeeding yesterday, the tests failed in Jenkins tonight. I've investigated and adjusted the timer, details here:

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