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ns2: load sharing function for UDP data

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Implement the load sharing function for UDP data.

  • on a new LSP select a NSVC based on data weight
    e.g. count all weight as sum_weight, LSP %modulo sum_weight, select the NSVC.
NSVC1: data weight: 10
NSVC2: data weight:  5

sum = 15, LSP%sum in  (0- 9) => NSVC1
sum = 15, LSP%sum in (10-14) => NSVC2

Maintain a LSP table per NSE containing "LSP, NSVC, timestamp/counter". The timestamp is used to remove old entries when the table is full.

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Related: load sharing function for FR.

In the FR case, we should assume all weights are equal, and all NS-VC are equally suitable for signaling and user plane traffic.

In the TTCN3 code I chose to simply do a modulo operation of the identifier (LSP) into the array of currently unblocked NS-VCs. That of course means that every time links go up and down there will be a re-assignment of LSP to NS-VC. Some of hat would be avoidable in your list-based approach, but I would argue we can get away with the modulo-based approach. After all, when NS-VCs go down, we inevitably will have a re-distribution of traffic among the remaining NS-VCs. Your approach reduces the number of users/flows that gets redistributed. Not sure if it's worth the effort. The biggest danger in changing NS-VC for an established connection is re-ordering of a few messages.

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