Bug #4876

proper naming / identification of NS-VC FSMs

Added by laforge 10 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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I have a system with many NS-VCs. I'm seeing:

<0024> gprs_ns2_vc_fsm.c:692 GPRS-NS2-VC[0x612000001720]{UNBLOCKED}: Received Event UNBLOCK_ACK
<0024> gprs_ns2_vc_fsm.c:692 GPRS-NS2-VC[0x612000001720]{UNBLOCKED}: Event UNBLOCK_ACK not permitted

and the log output gives me no kind of context which NS-VC that relates to. I would expect to see the NSE and the NSVCI of the lelated NS-VC. I don't care about the memory address.

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Revision 603f404e (diff)
Added by laforge 8 months ago

gprs_ns2: Give NS-VC FSMs a proper name/identifier

Log output without a proper identifier is mostly useless.

Change-Id: Id9d5b0684584d03685900c6298fe70246793de14
Closes: OS#4876


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#2 Updated by laforge 10 months ago

<0024> gprs_ns2_vc_fsm.c:692 GPRS-NS2-VC(FR-hdlcnet1-DLCI16-NSEI1-NSVCI1)[0x6120000018a0]{BLOCKED}: Received Event UNBLOCK_ACK
<0024> gprs_ns2_vc_fsm.c:306 GPRS-NS2-VC(FR-hdlcnet1-DLCI16-NSEI1-NSVCI1)[0x6120000018a0]{BLOCKED}: state_chg to UNBLOCKED

#3 Updated by laforge 10 months ago

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#4 Updated by laforge 8 months ago

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remaining FIXME in patch has been addressed; patch is waiting for review.

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patch was merged 2 months ago.

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