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VAMOS support in OsmoBTS

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This ticket should document what needs to be done in terms of supporting VAMOS from OsmoBTS, and to track its status via check-lists and possibly sub-issues.

Our implementation will be focusing on osmo-bts-trx as none of the "proprietary PHY" we support implement any VAMOS support.

This likely includes (at least)
  1. Indication of [which level of] VAMOS support the BTS has via OML attributes to BSC
  2. Implementation of "shadow TRX" concept in data structures
  3. Implementation of VAMOS related RSL extensions on Abis
  4. Implementation of a new TRXDv2 protocol from/to the TRX
  5. VAMOS-aware uplink + downlink power control
  6. generation of one set of downlink symbols from the real + shadow timeslot/lchan

The corresponding BSC related work is tracked in #4940

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According to chapter 4 random pairings with scpir=0 should be fine for the time being.

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