Bug #4957

ttcn3-sip-test is broken since 15 Dec 2020

Added by fixeria about 1 month ago. Updated 23 days ago.

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All test cases fail under both Debian and CentOS:

Although, the 'latest' is relatively stable:

I spent a few hours trying to investigate what's going on. Here are some intermediate results:

The test cases fail due to DTEs listed below:

  • "MNCC_CodecPort.ttcn:19 Dynamic test case error: Initializing a variable of enumerated type @MNCC_Types.MNCC_MsgType with invalid numeric value 346140544. (No such file or directory)"
  • "Dynamic test case error: SIP Test Port: syntax error "v" -> unexpected character at character position 1."
  • "MNCC_Emulation.ttcn:348 Dynamic test case error: Write error (Broken pipe)"

Sometimes it's one reason, sometimes another. Sometimes there is no DTE but "timeout of Tguard". Weird.


#1 Updated by fixeria about 1 month ago

I constantly see the following error in the output of osmo-sip-connector:

20210123182608924 DSIP NOTICE sip.c:679 tport_udp_error: Connection refused (111) [icmp type=3 code=3]
20210123182608924 DSIP NOTICE sip.c:679         reported by []:0
20210123182608924 DSIP NOTICE sip.c:679 nta_agent: tport: Connection refused
20210123182608924 DSIP NOTICE sip.c:679 tport(0x564d7bfb3530): zero length packet

#2 Updated by fixeria 24 days ago

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#3 Updated by pespin 24 days ago

ttcn3-sip-test-latest doesn't fail probably because it's still using MNCCv6, while master uses MNCCv7.

It could be some TTCN3 MNCCv7 specific issue. I added MNCCv7 support to osmo-ttcn3-hacks.git in 563b3d013b166115a4f9e526d5e21df36f3bd399 (Sep 9 2020), not sure how it started later (JAN 16 2021).

#4 Updated by pespin 24 days ago

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Fixed by: mncc: Fix write len

As a result, osmo-sip-connector has been totally broken since Jan 12 2021.

#5 Updated by pespin 24 days ago

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All test are now passing, closing ticket.

#6 Updated by mschramm 23 days ago

  • Subject changed from ttcn3-sip-test is broken since 15 Dec 2021 to ttcn3-sip-test is broken since 15 Dec 2020

(redacted date in subject line)

#7 Updated by fixeria 23 days ago

Back to the future!

pespin thanks a lot for fixing this!

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