Bug #4968

Multiple TTCN3 tests only expect one SGSN

Added by daniel 4 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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There are various tests in TTCN3 that are not yet aware of SGSN-pooling. As such they usually just test that a message is forwarded to the first SGSN where we would expect it to be broadcast.

f_reset_ptp_bvc_from_sgsn() is a bit special and I'm not sure what to do here. Right now we expect the reset from one SGSN to be forwarded to the BSS. In that case we also need to reset the connection on the other SGSNs. Or we block the BVC to the other SGSNs and reset those connection as soon as the RESET-ACK from the BSS arrives at the gbproxy.

Couldn't we also locally answer the BVC-RESET?


  • f_reset_ptp_bvc_from_sgsn
  • f_block_ptp_bvc_from_pcu
  • f_unblock_ptp_bvc_from_pcu

Related issues

Related to osmo-gbproxy - Bug #4964: TC_bvc_reset_ptp_from_bss and TC_bvc_reset_sig_from_bss fail sporadicallyResolved01/21/2021

Associated revisions

Revision b1cc0b24 (diff)
Added by laforge about 1 month ago

gbproxy: Generalize as_count_bvc_block() into as_count_bvc_sts()

... and while add it, add as_count_bvc_unblock() based on it.

Related: OS#4968
Change-Id: I33ceace527d6a0cd816fb4e042fdcffd8f0dd23f

Revision 572b0179 (diff)
Added by laforge about 1 month ago

Make f_{block,unblock}_ptp_bvc_from_pcu handle multiple SGSNs

Those tests predated SGSN pooling support and needed to update
their assumptions to also cover other SGSNs in the pool.

We could come up with more complex, auto-scaling mechanisms to handle
different numbers of SGSNs, but that would make the code quite
unreadable, as it means we cannot use interleave but have to dynamically
activate altsteps for counting. I went for the simpler approach

Change-Id: I8c3ec4e00b78cff40ac72bc857161fa7abc352b0
Related: OS#4968


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  • Related to Bug #4964: TC_bvc_reset_ptp_from_bss and TC_bvc_reset_sig_from_bss fail sporadically added

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as for the f_reset_ptp_bvc_from_sgsn question raised by daniel: I'm not sure, either. Happy to defer to your judgement on what the test should do.

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