Bug #5056

osmo-gsm-tester-rnd jenkins slave is offline

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(01:23:20 PM) laforge: jsteiger: pespin I see that osmo-gsm-tester-rnd is offline for quite some time:
(01:26:57 PM) pespin: laforge: I haven't been using osmo-gsm-tester-rnd in a while tbh, so I don't need it myself now to be up
(01:27:45 PM) pespin: I just reenabled ogt-prod today since I stopped it a few days ago to let lots of patches from Andre in gerrit to run quicker
(01:28:07 PM) laforge: pespin: well, the point is not whether we need it, but why it is down.  All the systems are running at the office ;)
(01:28:42 PM) pespin: laforge: no idea, maybe roh planned to update something there?


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not sure whats happening here or why its disabled in jenkins.

i haven't done any maintenance on those systems recently and would remember disabling a job on jenkins. i could not find any reasons or log message there either.

the hosts both seem to be ok (-prod has 92, -rnd 464 days uptime) and are accessible.

anything special you want me to check out? the nodes seem to have enough free disk/ram etc, and jenkins lists them both as online on the overviews - its only the projects being disabled.

i would usually try to mark the node as offline completely when doing maintenance, so no tasks can be scheduled.

my 2cents is: run the jobs and lets see whats happening then.

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Rnd host has now been updated to debian buster and I verified it's able to run some tests. Closing the ticket.

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