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Calls between C-Netz mobiles using -x option do not connect

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I have set up osmocom-analog with a LimeSDR and using the --SDRSoapy option, with three channels: OgK 131, and SpK 135 and 137. I am using the -x command line option to activate the internal routing. There are two mobile phones registered with osmocom-analog, one AEG Telecar 450 CD (no. 5218902), and one Nokia C-130 (no. 2903180). Both phones register successfully.

In this setup, a call from one C-Netz mobile to another registered at the same time is not signalled at the target mobile and does not connect. Instead, the calling mobile is connected to a queue waiting music. I have tried dialling only the mobile numbers 5218902 and 2903180 respectively and prefixing them with 0161, the former cellular routing code for C-Netz. The same effect occurs if I randomly dial a number the mobile. The call is connected to the waiting music.

I have tried finding clues as to what could cause this issue in the verbose console output but could not locate any information that would be useful to me, so am hoping a more experienced user can point me to the cause of the issue. I do not want to exclude the possibility that there is some fundamental issue I am missing.

There is one issue perhaps related: I cannot use a locally connected headset as a sound device to place a call from the console to a mobile. Compiling osmocom-analog from the repository, ALSA support was shown as active, and alsamixer can configure the headset (a Jabra USB headset), and I can use the headset for all other applications. However, when I start cnetz with the associated parameter, I get the message that sound support is not compiled in. I did not investigate this issue further as my first goal was and is mobile-to-mobile calls, and eventually mobile-to-sip and sip-to-mobile calls, but perhaps this may be a related issue or point to a common cause? I greatly appreciate any help.


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