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support hnbgw co-located osmo-mgw for RTP proxying

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In the current osmo-hnbgw implementation, we simply configure the hNB RTP data to go directly to the MSC (or it's MSC-colocatetd MGW). This requires IP-level routing between the RAN and the CN, which is possible in most lab situations, but not possible in real operator networks.

So we'd need to add support for osmo-hnbgw to control a co-located osmo-mgw. So like osmo-bsc, osmo-hnbgw would have to manage endpoints on osmo-mgw. This way there are separaet RTP flows:
  1. between hNodeB and osmo-mgw on the RAN side
  2. between MSC/MGW and osmo-mgw on the CN side


3g_call_23112021.pcapng 3g_call_23112021.pcapng 75.9 KB dexter, 11/23/2021 05:51 PM
2g_call_23112021.pcapng 2g_call_23112021.pcapng 534 KB dexter, 11/23/2021 05:51 PM
hnb_cs_mo_call_with_mgcp.png View hnb_cs_mo_call_with_mgcp.png 68.9 KB dexter, 11/23/2021 05:55 PM
hnb_cs_mo_call_with_mgcp.msc hnb_cs_mo_call_with_mgcp.msc 1.47 KB dexter, 11/23/2021 05:56 PM

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I will be working on this with dexter.

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Updated by dexter 3 days ago

After some difficulties I have my testnet now up and running again. I have made two traces. One on the 3g network and one on the 2g network for reference. From that I have derived a ladder diagram (i have left all security related messages away.) I made it so that it matches the behavior we see on osmo-bsc. My idea is to reuse the FSMs from libosmo-mgcp-client.


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