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osmo_stream_srv_link_get_sockname() only supports showing 1st IP address

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osmo_stream_cli_get_sockname API has a similar issue. osmo_stream_srv_get_sockname doesn't exist, but when adding it this ticket should be taken into account (see #5580).

The osmo_stream API allows setting up SCTP sockets, which support multihomin. The osmo_stream API already supports setting several addresses and using them. However, if an SCTP socket is setup with multiple local IP addresses, osmo_stream_cli_get_sockname() will only return the first one in the string returned. This is misleading and should be fixed.

I had to manually check /proc/net/sctp/eps to see the issue.

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Related to libosmo-netif - Feature #5580: Missing API: osmo_stream_srv_get_sockname()Resolvedpespin06/16/2022

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That's a bit tricky as we rely on getsockname() in libosmocore for socket description which is (silently!) incompatible with multi-homed SCTP. Should bedoable via sctp_getladdrs() though: see

Note: according to multi-homed SCTP has to use the same port number.

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Fixed by: stream_srv_link: osmo_stream_srv_link_get_sockname() now returns the full ...

Once merged, the ticket can be closed.

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