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Bug #5542: Move hub to datacenter colocation

mechanical + electrical setup for GPS receiver at co-location

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We'll have about 100m CAT5 between the GPS02 and the icE1usb + RS485 drivers.

We'll need coaxial + RS4xx overvoltaage protection


nmea_data.png View nmea_data.png 23.9 KB NMEA Rx Data at 100R || 4.7nF termination laforge, 07/23/2022 03:55 PM
1pps.png View 1pps.png 16.2 KB 1pps pulse at 100R || 4.7nF termination laforge, 07/23/2022 03:56 PM
1pps_zoom.png View 1pps_zoom.png 16 KB 1pps pulse (zoomed in, measuring rise time) laforge, 07/23/2022 03:56 PM
cat5em_1.jpg View cat5em_1.jpg 1 MB laforge, 07/23/2022 04:51 PM
cat5em_2.jpg View cat5em_2.jpg 858 KB laforge, 07/23/2022 04:51 PM
1pps_new.png View 1pps_new.png 21.5 KB laforge, 07/23/2022 04:53 PM
1pps_new_edge.png View 1pps_new_edge.png 15 KB laforge, 07/23/2022 04:53 PM
dco_sd2_md_hf5.jpg View dco_sd2_md_hf5.jpg 157 KB laforge, 08/14/2022 07:53 AM
dco_sd2_md_hf5-internal.jpg View dco_sd2_md_hf5-internal.jpg 240 KB laforge, 08/14/2022 07:53 AM
dco_sd2_md_hf5-schematics.png View dco_sd2_md_hf5-schematics.png 6.47 KB laforge, 08/14/2022 07:56 AM


  • propose OVP parts etc to data centre and ask for review/approval
  • obtain OVP parts
  • end-to-end setup with OVP, GPS, antenna, etc. at laforge
  • investigate if 12V phantom voltage via 100m CAT5 (~20 ohms loop resistance) is viable
  • clarify mechanical mounting (antenna, din-rail) at co-location
  • required coaxial cable length
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Updated by laforge 22 days ago

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The spare Ericsson GPS receivers I have here are GPS03 (successor of GPS02), attached a MA-700G antenna and loked at the current consumption. The absolute peak was 161 mA during start-up. Once the GPS signal is locked (green led continuously on), it's 97..103mA @ 12V.

At the predicted worst-case loop resistance of 100m CAT5 of 20 Ohms, that would be a 2V voltage drop for the average power consumption, and 3.2V on peak.

Will do some voltage range tests next, and also insert a 20Ohm series resistor.

Actions #2

Updated by laforge 22 days ago

Reducing the voltage (after lock was acquired) showed operation down to about 6.5V. Current consuption increased to 140mA, so there's some DC/DC converter inside (good).

Cold-Starting the receiver at 7V worked fine; idle current 140-147mA.

In all of those tests the RS485 drivers were open, i.e. not driving any capacitive or resistive load yet.

Actions #3

Updated by laforge 22 days ago

regarding capacitance, states 52pF/m so about 5.2nF for 100m. To that we'd have to add the capacitance of the RS422 receiver input, but for sure it's just going to be some pF, so negligable.

So, I set up as follows:
  • 22 ohms series resistance between PSU and GPS 03
  • 100 ohms parallel to 4.7nF termination of 1PPS or NMEA-Tx pair
  • current consumption increased from 100mA to 120mA
  • scope traces of signal looked fine to me
  • receiver operation down to about 10V PSU output voltage
  • terminating the second transmitter (NMEA Tx) increased current consumption from 120mA to 148mA
  • operation of receiver still down to 10V from the voltage source
  • cold start also possible from 10V voltage source

So all in all, we can conclude it is safe to operate the GPS03 with the chosen antenna over 100m of CAT5.

some scope traces of the data on the "remote" end of the simulated CAT5:

Actions #4

Updated by laforge 22 days ago

  • Checklist item investigate if 12V phantom voltage via 100m CAT5 (~20 ohms loop resistance) is viable set to Done
Actions #5

Updated by laforge 22 days ago

Building the entire setup (22R on 12V rail, 100R || 4.7nF on each of the three differential pairs) on a small adapter board (mis-appropriating one of my RJ45 jumper box PCB) looks like this:

For some reason the waveform of the 1PPS now looks much more reasonable. Maybe I had a bad probe GND connection or something last time. It's a nice 50us square pulse. Rise time has not changed.

Actions #6

Updated by laforge 10 days ago

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the over voltage protection devices for the RS485/422 signals (DCO SD2 MD) have meanwhile arrived. However, the part for 12V was missing from the shipment (despite listed on packing list). Have complained with the supplier.

Actions #7

Updated by laforge about 5 hours ago

in case anyone is curious, this is the internals of the "DCO SD2 MF HF 5":

dco_sd2_md_hf5.jpg dco_sd2_md_hf5-internal.jpg

Actions #8

Updated by laforge about 5 hours ago

If I got it right, the schematics look like this:


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