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better test result summary / notifications

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10:55 < fixeria> regarding the testsuite monitoring in Jenkins...
11:19 < fixeria> not sure if you guys still use RSS/Atom, but this is a convinient way to monitor test 
11:20 < fixeria>
11:21 < fixeria> this one is specifically for ttcn3-bts-test, but you can also monitor all TTCN-3 stuff
11:21 < fixeria>
11:23 < LaF0rge> fixeria: i did a quick look, but this just gives you the high level overview of which job 
                 failed, right?
11:24 < LaF0rge> fixeria: what we'd want is down on the junit-xml level of granularity where we can track 
                 that sudenyl TC_foo_bar inside a jenkins job is failing
11:29 < LaF0rge> stuff like
11:29 < fixeria> LaF0rge: it simply says: N more tests failing, N less
11:29 < LaF0rge> fixeria: that cumulative count can be misleading if some old failures are passing but some 
                 new failures are added.
11:29 < LaF0rge> lynxis: ^^ 
11:30 < LaF0rge> I think those testReport/api/xml URLs should cointain what we need
11:30 < LaF0rge> it even has the errorStackTrace with the verbose error message [if there is one]
11:31 < LaF0rge> and it has 'age' and 'failedSince' fields
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I'll implement a irc bot and command line utility to check for ttcn3 failures.

  • use jenkins api to retrieve the junit xml file
  • parse junit xml files into junit object
  • convert junit object into data structure to get a sliding window over 10 days/jobs for
    • "good" (first job succeed after fails, but job wasn't unstable)
    • "fail" (first job fails after good, but job wasn't unstable)
    • "unstable" (many fails & succeeds alternating (2x in a row is fine)
  • generate a summary for every jobs
  • generate a summary for all jobs
  • connect a irc bot to the output
  • check jenkins for updates every hour
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Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

If possible, make the ir bot only one consumer of sll that information. As I mentioned, we also want some kind of overview web page at some point. You don't have to work on that if you dont want to, but it would be good to design the software in a way that multiplr consumers for the information exist so it can be extended later.

As a bonus, also considering failures would be great

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Updated by neels over 1 year ago

Maybe this bit of code can help:

the proper way would be to do actual XML parsing though, this script cheats
around that with regexes, depending on the actual line feeds that jenkins
typically produces.


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