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series of presentations about the invididual CNI network elements

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Most of the talks we ever gave on setting up and running the Osmocom CNI are ages old and hence relatively outdated.

Given the number of network elements and the relate complexity, I think we should consider doing a talk on each of them. The talk doesn't have to be of a particular length, so some network elements might have shorter or longer presentations.

Looking at the checklist below, we already have 14 items. Covering this in OsmoDevCall is not an option, it would take too long (14 months if no other topic would be covered in between). So it is going to be on a separate schedule.

I would consider each presentation should then be prominently linked from the redmine project page of each network element, next to the user manual.

We may of course still be publishing those via the OsmoDevCall "event" on, so all videos are in one location.

I think every presentation should start with a quick picture at the overal diagram of netwokr elements, describe the surrounding elements and their interfaces to then look in detail at the specific element that ist he subject of the talk.

It should cover
  • basic configuration to get it started / connected
  • VTY for state introspection ("ar alle connections up?", ...)
  • looking at logs / protocol traces
  • practical demo; looking at what happens in pcaps + logs for some basic transaction like LU, SMS, voice call.


  • OsmoTRX
  • OsmoBTS
  • OsmoBSC
  • OsmoMSC
  • OsmoMGW
  • OsmoHLR
  • OsmoPCU
  • OsmoSGSN
  • OsmoGGSN
  • OsmoHNBGW
  • OsmoSMLC
  • OsmoCBC
  • OsmoSTP
  • OsmoSIPconnector

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