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HNBGW_Tests.ttcn should do HNBAP UE Register and De-Register tests

Added by neels over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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in HNBGW_Tests.ttcn, in all UE tests, we simply send an Initial UE message to start off a RUA context.
Instead, we should first do a HNBAP UE REGISTER procedure.

EDIT: HNBAP UE Register is actually optional; so we should test both with and without HNBAP UE procedures in HNBGW_Tests.ttcn

The normal test should do

  • HNBAP HNB Register
  • HNBAP UE Register
  • RUA InitialUE
  • RUA IU Release
  • HNBAP UE De-Register

We need to clarify whether osmo-hnbgw should reject an initialUE where no HNBAP UE Register was seen. I guess it should.

Currently osmo-hnbgw does not reject on missing UE Register, it simply carries on, but apparently this does not create a ue_context at all. That is a broken internal state, there should be a ue_context entry for each RUA context id.

So one of:

  • reject initialUE when HNBAP UE Register was missing (adjust all tests, adjust osmo-hnbgw), OR
  • allow initialUE without HNBAP UE Register, but then make sure there is a ue_context entry for the UE and a good RUA context id is chosen.

There should be tests for both missing and present HNBAP UE Register, expecting the correct behavior we define for osmo-hnbgw now.

I presume osmo-hnbgw should always require a HNBAP UE Register.
That needs some work on HNBGW_Tests.ttcn, because so far the ConnHdlr doesn't even have a HNBAP port (I'm adding it now for a different issue), and we don't seem to have templates for UE (De-)Register yet.

Once UE Register is tested, we should also test HNBAP UE De-Register.

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Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

AFAICT HHB UE register is an optional procedure only strictly needed where closed user groups exist, and the hnbgw needs to decide if that ue is permitted for the cell.

So some hnb may not send it or may not send it depending on configuration.

So if we expect it in the hnbgw, that should be configurable

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Updated by neels over 1 year ago

  • Subject changed from osmo-hnbgw should reject InitialUE without HNBAP UE Register; HNBGW_Tests.ttcn should do HNBAP UE Register and De-Register to HNBGW_Tests.ttcn should do HNBAP UE Register and De-Register tests
  • Description updated (diff)

ok so the problem is mainly that we don't test HNBAP UE procedures in HNBGW_Tests.ttcn.

Also it would be good to clarify whether a missing ue_context entry can cause problems, or is actually intended and/or completely fine.


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