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HNBGW_Tests.ttcn should do HNBAP UE Register and De-Register tests

Added by neels over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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in HNBGW_Tests.ttcn, in all UE tests, we simply send an Initial UE message to start off a RUA context.
Instead, we should first do a HNBAP UE REGISTER procedure.

EDIT: HNBAP UE Register is actually optional; so we should test both with and without HNBAP UE procedures in HNBGW_Tests.ttcn

The normal test should do

  • HNBAP HNB Register
  • HNBAP UE Register
  • RUA InitialUE
  • RUA IU Release
  • HNBAP UE De-Register

We need to clarify whether osmo-hnbgw should reject an initialUE where no HNBAP UE Register was seen. I guess it should.

Currently osmo-hnbgw does not reject on missing UE Register, it simply carries on, but apparently this does not create a ue_context at all. That is a broken internal state, there should be a ue_context entry for each RUA context id.

So one of:

  • reject initialUE when HNBAP UE Register was missing (adjust all tests, adjust osmo-hnbgw), OR
  • allow initialUE without HNBAP UE Register, but then make sure there is a ue_context entry for the UE and a good RUA context id is chosen.

There should be tests for both missing and present HNBAP UE Register, expecting the correct behavior we define for osmo-hnbgw now.

I presume osmo-hnbgw should always require a HNBAP UE Register.
That needs some work on HNBGW_Tests.ttcn, because so far the ConnHdlr doesn't even have a HNBAP port (I'm adding it now for a different issue), and we don't seem to have templates for UE (De-)Register yet.

Once UE Register is tested, we should also test HNBAP UE De-Register.


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