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Add vty commands "no gprs nsvc ..."

Added by lynxis 11 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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There are no "no gprs nsvc ..." commands to disable a NSVC.

 bts 1
  gprs mode gprs
  gprs routing area 0
  gprs network-control-order nc0
  gprs power-control alpha 0
  gprs cell bvci 1002
  gprs cell timer blocking-timer 3
  gprs cell timer blocking-retries 3
  gprs cell timer unblocking-retries 3
  gprs cell timer reset-timer 3
  gprs cell timer reset-retries 3
  gprs cell timer suspend-timer 10
  gprs cell timer suspend-retries 3
  gprs cell timer resume-timer 10
  gprs cell timer resume-retries 3
  gprs cell timer capability-update-timer 10
  gprs cell timer capability-update-retries 3
  gprs nsei 2
  gprs ns timer tns-block 3
  gprs ns timer tns-block-retries 3
  gprs ns timer tns-reset 3
  gprs ns timer tns-reset-retries 3
  gprs ns timer tns-test 30
  gprs ns timer tns-alive 3
  gprs ns timer tns-alive-retries 10
  gprs nsvc 0 nsvci 2
  gprs nsvc 0 local udp port 23000
  gprs nsvc 0 remote ip
  gprs nsvc 0 remote udp port 23000
  gprs nsvc 1 nsvci 3
  gprs nsvc 1 local udp port 23001
  gprs nsvc 1 remote ip
  gprs nsvc 1 remote udp port 23001

To disable gprs nsvc 1, as user can't say
"no gprs nsvc 1"
instead the user must set either the remote ip to or the remote udp port to 0 to disable this nsvc.

Add a 'no gprs nsvc <0-1>' command.

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Patch tested with my PCU setup and pushed to Gerrit for review.


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