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Feature #5500: MS-Side GPRS RLC/MAC implementation

modem: Implement pkt-access-procedure retransmission

Added by pespin 7 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

OsmocomBB modem (host)
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Right now, RLC/MAC sends primitive L1CTL-RACH.request to lower layers to initiate a pkt-access-procedure. Lower layers (modem app, l1ctl) are in charge of doing the pkt-acces-procedure details, like RACH.req retransmission, or submit a failure to upper layers if all retransmission fail and no answer is received.

This is already implemented in "mobile" app around ./src/mobile/gsm48_rr.c.

We need to port some of that code to newer osmocom infra and put it in src/common/, so that it can be used by "modem" app and in the future also reused by mobile.

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Updated by fixeria 6 months ago

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  • Target version set to MS-side GPRS
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Updated by fixeria 5 months ago

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We had a Jitsi call with pespin today, during which we agreed on the approach and found out that libosmo-gprs needs to be modified to not expect a specific RA, because it does change during retransmissions. I have implemented the actual retransmission as an additional state of the GRR-FSM, not employing the existing logic we have in gsm48_rr.c. The reason is that this would require a lot of refactoring and quite some integrating effort, so we better postpone this for later. rlcmac: deal with RACH retransmissions (drop rach_req_ra) [NEW] modem: grr: clarify a comment in forward_to_rlcmac() [NEW] modem: grr: implement RACH.req retransmission [NEW]

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Updated by fixeria 5 months ago

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All patches have been merged.

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Updated by fixeria 5 months ago

Found a problem while testing, fixed here: modem: fix grr_st_packet_access_action(): shift rr->cr_hist properly


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