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how to document the rescued EWSD

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To me, the EWSD rescue project is not just about getting the equipment safely disassembled and reassembled at jolly, but also to document this for posterity

This, in my opinion, would include:
  • some general description of the project (why, ...)
  • some high-level introduction on what an EWSD is/was, and what role it played
  • media from disassembly/transport/reassembly
    • various photos from August and October
    • timelapse videos from October
      • wait for everyone to agre on whether they want to be shown
      • edit out the lunch break parts
      • mask out sections of the pictures unrelated to the EWSD, if requested by telecom operator
  • wiki pages on the individual components (circuit boards)
    • high-res photographs of both sides of the PCBA
    • EPROM images (if any)
    • some textual description based on our knowledge and related documentation

I'm happy to contribute in terms of writing documentation/wiki pages, putting together general EWSD information, editing the timelapse videos, etc.

However, I can obviously not take PCBA photographs or dump EPROMs.

One of the main topics is to decide how and where to publish the information. We could create a separate redmine project here, even though it is not the most easy interface for people to navigate and find information. At least we could edit wiki pages, etc. - we don't really have a nice gallery with captions for pictures, though. Maybe there is some useable redmine extension for that?

We could use some other system for collecting the information, but then that system would have to be maintained/preserved for decades to come.... and staying within redmine increases the likelihood as that's what we will preserve for Osmocom anyway.

Any thoughts?

Any comments welcome


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