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sysmoOCTSIM firmware is confused by time extention requests?

Added by rousseau about 2 months ago.

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CCID v1.1 page 73


I use my T=0 test card. The card applet has a command that is very slow to answer (on purpose) and asks more time to the reader.
For a T=0 card that should be visible by the card sending 60h bytes.

At the CCID level the reader should send a RDR_to_PC_DataBlock frame with bStatus=80h to the host as documented in CCID v1.1 spec page 73.

My problem is that my driver does not receive any RDR_to_PC_DataBlock with bStatus=80h.
A more important problem is that the reader does answer and I do not get the card result.

My driver will timeout after some time.
And the next commands I send to the reader do not work. The reader does not answer any more. Like if the 60h bytes confused the reader firmware.

I use firmware version 0.2.78-62e1 (latest version) from 2022-Nov-19.

I have to unplug/replug the reader to get it work again.

I attach a pcscd log with the CCID frames in case it is useful for you.
In the log you will see some APDU commands:

selection of the test applet:
APDU: 00 A4 04 00 06 A0 00 00 00 18 FF
SW: 90 00

Case 1 APDU test
APDU: 80 30 00 00 00
SW: 90 00

selection of the test applet (again):
APDU: 00 A4 04 00 06 A0 00 00 00 18 FF
SW: 90 00

My time extension test command:
APDU: 80 38 00 01
and I get no response from the reader.


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