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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
5262 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal BTS_Tests_LAPDm: TC_rr_response_frame_loss fails if run after TC_t200_n200 pespin 10/19/2021 09:56 AM
5253 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal osmo-bts: RadioCarrier/BBTransceiver NM objects should be kept in DisabledDependency until RSL link is established pespin 10/11/2021 11:05 AM
5250 OsmoPCU Bug Resolved Normal osmo-pcu: CSN.1 decoder failure parsing specific RAcap pespin 10/20/2021 05:11 PM Related to #4955
5249 OsmoBTS Bug Resolved Normal osmo-bts: Avoid activating channels on TS not in NM ENABLED state (fix crash) pespin 10/19/2021 09:58 AM
5240 OsmoPCU Bug Resolved Normal osmo-pcu: {RELEASING}: Event DL_ACKNACK_MISS not permitted pespin 09/29/2021 09:48 AM
5228 OsmoTRX Feature New Normal osmo-trx: Missing unit tests for computeCI() and computeEdgeCI() sysmocom 09/03/2021 06:45 PM
5227 OsmoPCU Bug New Normal osmo-pcu: Attempt recovery of TBF when one of its assigned PDCH TS becomes disabled pespin 10/18/2021 10:12 AM
5219 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Normal VTY cmd "bts 0 trx 0 timeslot 1 sub-slot 0 activate fr" fails on sysmobts with BSIC 10 pespin 09/01/2021 02:27 PM Related to #5244
5218 gr-osmosdr Bug New Normal compilation fails: "no matching function for call to fcd_source_c::connect" 09/05/2021 10:58 PM
5198 OsmoPCU Feature New Normal Support GPRS on Ericsson RBS 07/15/2021 11:40 AM
5197 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal msc_i Unimplemented msg type: HANDOVER PERFORMED neels 07/12/2021 06:13 PM
5196 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal Verify several "event not permitted" log lines in unit tests neels 07/12/2021 01:51 PM
5149 OsmoPCU Bug New Low osmo-pcu fails to allocate all DL-TBF possible slots under specific scenario pespin 09/15/2021 09:49 AM
5134 OsmoBSC Bug Resolved Normal osmo-bsc crash in osmo_sccp_user_sap_down_nofree neels 04/28/2021 01:28 PM
5132 OsmoPCU Feature Rejected Normal Get rid of gprs_rlcmac_bts lists: ul_tbfs, dl_tbfs 07/09/2021 07:56 AM
5128 Core testing infrastructure Feature New Normal dec_RlcmacDlCtrlBlock: Get rid of annoying warning about remaining padding 04/23/2021 06:18 PM
5122 OsmoPCU Feature New Normal Choose SBA allocation offset based on AGCH queue load in the BTS pespin 04/20/2021 12:51 PM Related to #5020
5116 OsmoSGSN Bug Resolved Normal What to do with Iu timer X3314 pespin 04/22/2021 03:54 PM
5046 libosmocore Bug Resolved Normal doesn't support epoch!=0 osmith 02/26/2021 11:32 AM
5045 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature New Normal write libversion "major" on build files automatically based on LIBVERSION pespin 02/24/2021 01:14 PM
5042 Core testing infrastructure Feature Resolved Normal Get rid of unnedeed quirks to have ttcn3 tests pass against older "latest" releases pespin 03/01/2021 10:50 AM
5034 libosmocore Feature Stalled Low logging: Enable category name instead of hex val by default pespin 06/12/2021 05:40 PM
5033 OsmoPCU Bug Resolved Normal N3101 potentially being updated only during RBBP poll but not during USF poll pespin 05/13/2021 12:08 PM Related to #5020, Related to #3928
5032 libosmocore Feature Resolved Normal Add VTY option to write TID in log line prefix pespin 03/24/2021 01:34 PM Related to #5027
5027 libosmocore Bug Resolved Normal logging_gsmtap.c code not filling PID field in pkt header pespin 02/18/2021 04:58 PM Related to #5032
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