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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3471 Servers Bug Resolved Normal not starting all services on reboot. laforge 04/27/2021 02:01 PM
3463 Servers Bug Resolved High Update cgit to version 1.2.1 laforge 09/01/2018 08:20 PM
3312 Servers Bug Resolved Urgent x509 certificate expires in ~11 days zecke 06/15/2018 12:40 PM
3171 Servers Bug Closed Normal tsaitgaist-bot should have ability to close pull requests Osmocom Maintainers 04/16/2018 08:23 PM
3107 Servers Bug Resolved Normal Jenkins: osmo-gsm-tester_gerrit doesn't test the right commit lynxis 03/27/2018 01:43 PM
2927 OsmoGSMTester Feature Closed Urgent Use traceback instead of inspect to speed up zecke 03/26/2018 03:33 PM
2705 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal GSM48_MMR_NREG_REQ followed by GSM48_MMR_REG_REQ don't attach to the network 12/03/2017 09:50 PM
2694 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal SIGSEGV in lapdm code 11/30/2017 08:45 AM Related to #1762
2691 OsmoNITB Bug Feedback Normal Old TMSI paged after LU 05/17/2018 11:47 AM
2690 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal ASAN issue on shutdown/no shutdown SYSINFO access 11/29/2017 09:33 AM
2637 Servers Feature Resolved Urgent Backup to sysmocom's backup system laforge 05/04/2018 02:38 PM
1915 Servers Bug Closed Normal Super important test ticket zecke 03/03/2017 01:28 AM
1898 OsmoBTS Bug Feedback Low Wrong handover detection with l1sap on wrong ss=0/ts=0 11/07/2017 09:54 PM
1813 Qualcomm Linux Modems by Quectel & Co Bug New Normal cat /dev/snd/* causes kernel oops 09/30/2016 04:00 PM
1798 OpenBSC Bug Closed Normal dynpdch and repairing of broken channels neels 08/30/2016 05:05 PM
1787 Servers Support Closed Normal DNS: Change to point to the usual http/https frontend server laforge 08/08/2016 02:22 PM
1745 Servers Bug Closed Normal gerrit: Deleting a user branch does not delete it on the replica zecke 06/07/2016 08:08 PM
1733 OpenBSC Bug Closed High nat: Memory leak in osmo-bsc_nat? daniel 06/22/2016 10:09 PM
1732 osmo-gbproxy Bug Resolved High gbproxy: Lifetime of a tracked MS (struct gbproxy_link_info) sysmocom 05/01/2020 01:23 PM
1725 OsmoNITB Bug Stalled Low iPhone6 network selection issue with GSM1900 03/05/2018 07:35 PM
1698 OpenBSC Bug Closed Normal SI6 rest octets mandatory but not filled out dexter 10/05/2016 08:10 AM
1695 Servers Support Closed Normal Add and point to the address for our webserver laforge 05/01/2016 11:30 AM
1690 OsmoSMSC Bug New Normal Insert: Generate message ID (e.g. UUID) zecke 04/06/2016 12:26 PM
1689 OsmoSMSC Feature New Normal insert: Change destination number based on criteria similiar to route handling on output zecke 04/06/2016 12:18 PM
1687 osmo-sip-connector Feature New Low osmo-sip-connector: Explore 3-way conference call 01/08/2020 10:56 PM
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