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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3472 OsmoPCU Bug New Low GPRS connection is in a state where pdp-context is active, but data TX cannot initiate from Network side. keith 08/18/2018 01:47 PM
3463 Servers Bug New High Update cgit to version 1.2.1 laforge 08/18/2018 01:11 PM
3313 Misc Hardware Projects Feature Feedback Normal design simple SFP experimentation board mschramm 08/17/2018 07:42 PM Precedes #3314
3314 Misc Hardware Projects Feature Feedback Normal design simple SFP experimentation board with LVDS transceiver mschramm 08/17/2018 07:40 PM Follows #3313
3341 OsmoTRX Bug New Immediate osmo-trx-lms RF Envelope FAIL on LimeSDR, but not on LimeSDR-mini roh 08/17/2018 06:18 PM Related to #2919
3340 OsmoTRX Bug New High osmo-trx-lms doesn't exit nor recover if device is unplugged pespin 08/17/2018 01:51 PM Related to #2919
3409 libosmocore Bug Feedback Urgent log level all is broken pespin 08/17/2018 09:26 AM
2704 OsmocomBB Support Feedback Normal set up FCDEV1B board so it can be remotely accessed remotely laforge 08/17/2018 09:17 AM
2537 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature Stalled Normal package wireshark with osmocom patches pespin 08/17/2018 09:15 AM
2828 OsmoTRX Bug Feedback Normal some osmo-trx tests failing in i586 OBS machine ttsou 08/17/2018 09:10 AM Related to #2826
3469 OsmoMSC Feature New High Support for "service category" in emergency calls laforge 08/17/2018 08:34 AM Related to #3470
3470 OsmoMSC Feature New High Allow sending "Emergency Number List IE" in LU ACCEPT laforge 08/17/2018 08:31 AM Related to #3469
3468 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Feedback Normal Issiu with registering phones to Network rukancp 08/17/2018 08:09 AM
3431 OsmoMGW Bug New Normal IP in SDP is reversed dexter 08/16/2018 02:51 PM
2987 OsmoBTS Bug In Progress High OsmoBTS RxQual/RxLev averaging broken if bursts are missign dexter 08/16/2018 11:30 AM Related to #2975, Related to #2978, Related to #2700
3466 OsmoSGSN Bug New Normal gprs_gb_parse_dtap does not handle "DEACT PDP ACK" sysmocom 08/16/2018 10:49 AM
3178 OsmoSGSN Bug In Progress Normal gbproxy: failed to parse invalid BSSGP-UNITDATA message stsp 08/16/2018 10:42 AM
3419 OsmocomBB Feature Stalled Normal TCH/H logical channel is not implemented fixeria 08/15/2018 02:59 AM Blocks #3256
3373 OsmoSGSN Feature Stalled Normal Support for SNS auto-configuration (SIZE / SNS-CONFIG procedure) laforge 08/14/2018 07:59 PM Related to #3372, Related to #3388
2308 OsmoGSMTester Feature In Progress Urgent prepare GPRS for osmo-gsm-tester: try to use ofono to connect to an osmocom GPRS service lynxis 08/14/2018 02:14 PM Related to #2202
1704 SIMtrace 2 Bug Stalled Normal test/port card emulation firmware for SAM3S based SIMtrace2 tsaitgaist 08/13/2018 04:55 PM Related to #1705
1705 SIMtrace 2 Bug Stalled High re-integrate tracing + card reader modes into SIMtrace2 firmware (SAM3S) tsaitgaist 08/13/2018 04:54 PM Related to #1704
3379 SIMtrace 2 Bug In Progress High documentation on how to use SIMtrace2 tsaitgaist 08/13/2018 04:46 PM
3037 multi-voltage USB UART Feature New Low Align the space between JP2 and JP3 to 2.54mm mschramm 08/11/2018 09:07 AM
3462 gr-osmosdr Bug New Normal gr-osmosdr installation bladerf conversion errors 08/10/2018 05:51 PM
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