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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
5449 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Bug New Low osmo-ggsn: Accept IPv4v6 EUA pdp creation in APv4/v6-only APNs by answering with changed PDP Type 10/05/2022 09:09 AM Actions
5460 gr-osmosdr Bug New Normal Please use double for ppm with fcdp/pp 02/17/2022 10:43 PM Actions
5461 OsmoMGW Bug In Progress Normal Fix regression translating AMR Payload Type between connections dexter 03/03/2022 02:35 PM Actions
5462 osmo-sip-connector Bug New Normal Contact Header Missing - Way Forward? 02/21/2022 05:51 AM Actions
5463 Retronetworking Feature New Low X.21 hardware interface 02/20/2022 01:34 PM Actions
5464 SIMtrace 2 Bug In Progress Normal cardem firmware unable to attach to card laforge 11/18/2022 06:41 PM Related to #1706 Actions
5466 OsmocomBB Feature New Normal CP2102N evaluation for burst_ind baudrate laforge 02/22/2022 07:17 PM Actions
5468 OsmoMGW Feature New Normal osmo-mgw: 2g<->3g call support 06/03/2022 10:39 AM Related to #1936, Related to #1937, Related to #2459 Actions
5470 OsmoPCU Bug New Normal osmo-pcu: {WAIT_RELEASE}: Event DL_ACKNACK_MISS not permitted pespin 03/01/2022 03:28 PM Actions
5471 OsmoPCU Bug New Normal osmo-pcu: {WAIT_ACK}: Event SCHED_ASS not permitted pespin 03/01/2022 03:27 PM Actions
5472 OsmoPCU Bug New Normal osmo-pcu: {SEND_ASS}: Event SCHED_ASS not permitted pespin 03/01/2022 03:41 PM Actions
5473 Retronetworking Feature In Progress Normal FOSS implementation of V5 interface (LE side) jolly 01/30/2023 06:42 PM Actions
5474 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal osmo-bts-trx: DTXd support not implemented 03/02/2022 05:06 PM Related to #4987, Related to #4801 Actions
5480 Open Source IMS Client Feature In Progress High Linux kernel IPsec plugin for doubango laforge 03/25/2022 10:44 AM Actions
5481 Open Source IMS Client Feature New Urgent SIM card interface for doubango laforge 03/25/2022 11:00 AM Related to #5482 Actions
5482 Open Source IMS Client Feature New Normal VoWiFi client for creating [outer] IPsec tunnel to ePDG 03/07/2022 09:33 PM Related to #5481 Actions
5483 Open Source IMS Client Feature New Normal SIM card interface for strongswan 03/07/2022 03:19 PM Actions
5484 Open Source IMS Client Feature New Normal create setup for nested IPsec (doubango on top of StrongSWAN) 03/07/2022 11:19 AM Actions
5485 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Bug Stalled Normal Make T3-RESPONSE and N3-REQUESTS configurable pespin 11/24/2022 11:39 AM Actions
5487 OsmoSGSN Feature New Low get rid of osmo-iuh.git's iu_client API and absorb into OsmoSGSN 03/10/2022 06:05 PM Actions
5488 Retronetworking Feature In Progress Low create DAHDI mirror sniffer laforge 11/07/2022 06:04 PM Actions
5489 linmodem Feature New Low linmodem mISDN integration 03/13/2022 09:35 PM Actions
5490 E1/T1 Hardware Interface (including icE1usb) Bug Feedback Normal ISO IN urb sometimes completes with less than full data / incomplete frame tnt 09/15/2022 12:34 PM Actions
5491 OsmoMSC Bug New Low MT CSFB calls fail (only) first time after Airplane mode toggle (probably on first attach to EUTRAN too) keith 03/19/2022 09:37 PM Actions
5492 OsmoBSCNAT Bug New Normal Support MSC pooling osmith 04/11/2022 08:19 AM Actions
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