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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3110 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal Test and possibly fix ID Request after Auth failure neels 09/30/2018 11:36 AM Actions
2013 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Bug New Low OAP (Osmo Auth Protocol) missing from IPA support in libosmo-sigtran neels 09/16/2018 10:35 AM Related to #1843, Related to #2536, Related to #2554 Actions
3505 OsmoBSC Feature New Normal ttcn3: test inter-BSC HO with encryption enabled neels 08/28/2018 06:38 PM Related to #2283 Actions
3125 OsmoMSC Bug New Low testcase for fixed "osmo-msc crashes while handling a call" neels 06/23/2018 07:26 PM Related to #3122, Related to #2880 Actions
1862 OsmoMSC Feature New Low IuCS: postpone signalling until after ciphering neels 05/30/2018 03:01 PM Actions
2795 OsmoMSC Feature New Normal Handle UTRAN_CLSM_CHG in MSC neels 04/30/2018 12:06 PM Related to #3043 Actions
2788 OsmoMSC Feature New Normal OsmoMSC should handle CM Service Abort message neels 01/04/2018 10:37 AM Actions
5894 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal Backport to 1.9.x osmith 02/06/2023 06:22 PM Actions
5887 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Low coverity: build everything in docker container and add CI osmith 02/01/2023 10:25 AM Actions
5318 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New High Depends: in osmocom packages osmith 01/31/2023 08:26 PM Actions
5884 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Low Run automatically on gerrit patches and complain if there would be changes osmith 01/30/2023 04:03 PM Actions
4393 OsmoBSC Feature In Progress Normal Circuit Switched Data (CSD) Support in osmo-bsc osmith 01/25/2023 09:45 AM Related to #1572, Related to #4394, Related to #4395 Actions
5848 Core testing infrastructure Feature In Progress Normal builders need ccache osmith 01/24/2023 02:24 PM Related to #5863 Actions
5684 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature Stalled Normal Create osmocom user via OE recipe osmith 01/23/2023 03:48 PM Actions
4789 Core testing infrastructure Bug New Low no gerrit verifications on a 32bit architecture osmith 11/29/2022 11:36 AM Related to #4786, Related to #4787 Actions
5787 OsmoBSC Feature In Progress Normal make handover_fsm timeouts configurable osmith 11/25/2022 03:09 PM Actions
5685 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Feedback Normal Dropping debian 10 (buster) osmith 10/13/2022 12:04 PM Related to #4107, Related to #4969 Actions
2545 OsmoBSCNAT Feature Stalled Low OsmoBSCNAT misses 3GPP AoIP osmith 10/12/2022 01:15 PM Related to #5152, Related to #5359, Related to #5574 Actions
5301 Core testing infrastructure Bug Stalled Normal Run TTCN3 docker tests with sanitizer enabled osmith 08/16/2022 09:29 AM Related to #5302 Actions
5492 OsmoBSCNAT Bug New Normal Support MSC pooling osmith 04/11/2022 08:19 AM Actions
1578 OsmoBTS Bug New Low RSL MODE MODIFY can change multi-rate config, but not encryption parameters osmith 03/24/2022 07:03 PM Actions
2542 OsmoHLR Feature Stalled Low have subscriber create-on-demand osmith 03/10/2022 03:40 PM Related to #2541, Related to #5183 Actions
5287 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Stalled High asciidoc 10 related failures on debian unstable and testing, all builds fail osmith 11/18/2021 12:51 PM Related to #5363 Actions
5279 OsmoMGW Feature New Normal systemd service / unit for multiple osmo-mgw on one machine osmith 10/25/2021 11:41 AM Actions
5173 OsmoBSC Bug New Low uses HAVE_PCAP, HAVE_SQLITE3 to conditionally build some binaries osmith 09/15/2021 09:44 AM Actions
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