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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
4745 OsmoMGW Bug New Low osmo-mgw: Wrong IP address returned in SDP "o=" section 10/05/2022 11:00 AM Actions
5696 OsmoPCU Bug Stalled Normal RLC/MAC: poll timeout when assigning a multi-slot DL TBF fixeria 10/05/2022 11:01 AM Actions
5516 OsmoTRX Feature In Progress High BladeRF 2.0 Support Hoernchen 10/05/2022 02:06 PM Is duplicate of #2430 Actions
3531 OP25 Bug New Normal Unknown status of the p25 wireshark plugin 10/06/2022 05:52 AM Actions
5574 OsmoBSCNAT Bug New Urgent OsmoBSCNAT testsuite running in jenkins Hoernchen 10/06/2022 11:46 AM Related to #2545 Actions
5679 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Feature Feedback Normal unsupported SCCP user primitive N-PCSTATE.indication pespin 10/10/2022 09:27 AM Actions
4830 OsmoMSC Bug In Progress High LU reject when no authentication data in HLR but "authentication optional" neels 10/10/2022 02:03 PM Actions
5699 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal MNCC_RTP_CREATE is not sent in a call waiting scenario 10/10/2022 06:46 PM Actions
5499 osmo-e1d Bug New Low octoi client binds to specific IP even if is specified laforge 10/10/2022 07:22 PM Actions
2545 OsmoBSCNAT Feature Stalled Low OsmoBSCNAT misses 3GPP AoIP osmith 10/12/2022 01:15 PM Related to #5152, Related to #5359, Related to #5574 Actions
5685 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Feedback Normal Dropping debian 10 (buster) osmith 10/13/2022 12:04 PM Related to #4107, Related to #4969 Actions
5708 E1/T1 Hardware Interface (including icE1usb) Bug New Normal rs422: Support runtime re-init of the GPS receiver tnt 10/13/2022 06:46 PM Related to #5625 Actions
5709 E1/T1 Hardware Interface (including icE1usb) Feature New Normal rs422: Merge as much of the firmware into master to avoid separate branch tnt 10/13/2022 06:49 PM Related to #5625 Actions
5710 E1/T1 Hardware Interface (including icE1usb) Feature New Normal rs422: Merge as much of the gateware in master as possible tnt 10/13/2022 06:53 PM Related to #5625 Actions
5714 pySim Bug New Normal update_record_decoded does not use real record length when writing EF.MSISDN chrysn 10/16/2022 10:34 AM Actions
2487 OsmoMSC Feature Stalled Normal MSC side of LCLS (local call local switching) as per the 3GPP specs keith 10/17/2022 04:31 AM Related to #1602, Related to #3659, Related to #3691, Related to #3618, Related to #3294, Related to #5712, Blocked by #5164 Actions
5716 libosmocore Bug New Normal Replace dynamic (DEAD) NSE if we receive an NS_RESET from a conflicting NSVC lynxis 10/17/2022 04:40 PM Actions
3659 OsmoBSC Feature Stalled High handover during LCLS directly between BTSs dexter 10/18/2022 08:54 AM Related to #1602, Related to #3413, Related to #2487, Related to #3586, Related to #1609, Related to #3429, Related to #3783 Actions
5712 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal LCLS FSM; Not possible to get out from NO_LONGER_LS dexter 10/18/2022 09:03 AM Related to #2487 Actions
5718 pySim Feature New Low Test functionality of commercial sim cards (without owning the admin key) 10/18/2022 09:29 PM Actions
4832 OsmoBSC Bug Stalled Low osmo-bsc hard-releases lchan if no MSC is found neels 10/18/2022 09:41 PM Related to #4829, Related to #4701, Related to #5337 Actions
5721 OsmoCBC Feature New Normal CBC messages Geographical Scope and CBS Index 10/19/2022 07:23 AM Actions
5722 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature New Low Migrate jenkins build slaves from docker to podman 10/21/2022 08:29 PM Related to #4107 Actions
5723 OsmoMGW Feature New Normal mgcp-client API: there should be a separate mgcp_codec_param for each codec in mgcp_msg.codecs[] 10/22/2022 01:04 AM Related to #5726 Actions
5730 OsmoMGW Feature New Low Fax over GSM support 10/27/2022 09:31 AM Follows #4395 Actions
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