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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
5891 osmo-remsim Bug New Normal bankd: potential pthread deadlock reported by coverity laforge 02/03/2023 07:35 PM Actions
5890 Misc Hardware Projects Bug New High Noise at receive 02/03/2023 06:29 PM Actions
5889 OsmoHLR Bug New Normal subscriber data: send out correct PDP Info 02/01/2023 04:02 PM Actions
5888 OsmoDia2GSUP Bug New Normal add a second wildcard APN in S6a 02/01/2023 04:01 PM Actions
5887 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Low coverity: build everything in docker container and add CI osmith 02/01/2023 10:25 AM Actions
5886 osmo-isdntap Bug New Normal Doesn't build without CONFIG_DAHDI_MIRROR 02/01/2023 09:57 AM Actions
5885 OCTOI - Osmocom Community TDM over IP Feature New Low set up a second GPS03 + icE1usb setup laforge 01/31/2023 08:05 PM Related to #5883 Actions
5884 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Low Run automatically on gerrit patches and complain if there would be changes osmith 01/30/2023 04:03 PM Actions
5883 OCTOI - Osmocom Community TDM over IP Bug New Normal GPS sync sometimes goes to hold over tnt 01/30/2023 02:18 PM Related to #5885 Actions
5882 osmo-ePDG - VoWifi Evolved Packet Data Gateway Bug In Progress Normal ipsec: strongswan: investigate vici interface lynxis 01/29/2023 07:29 PM Actions
5880 OsmoSGSN Bug New Normal User Manual sections 11.1.1-2 document non-existing (removed?) VTY commands 01/27/2023 12:22 PM Actions
5879 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal Fix 'make distclean' (or add 'make maintainer-clean'?) 01/27/2023 01:39 AM Actions
5878 pySim Bug New Normal pySim shell: version fails with DistributionNotFound 01/26/2023 05:55 PM Actions
5877 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Feature New High SMPP to SIGTRAN 01/26/2023 07:27 PM Actions
5876 OsmoHNBGW Bug New Normal on HNBAP HNB Register, clear previous UE state if any 01/25/2023 02:03 PM Actions
5875 osmo-e1d Feature New Normal Increase maximum size of RIFO buffer to cater for higher prefill levels cquirin 01/25/2023 04:31 PM Actions
5871 OsmocomBB Bug New Low Issue in use OsmocomBB 01/22/2023 01:13 PM Is duplicate of #5870 Actions
5870 Osmo-CC Bug New Normal Issue in use OsmocomBB 01/22/2023 12:29 PM Has duplicate #5871 Actions
5869 OsmoHNBGW Bug New Normal osmo-hnbgw ignores HNBAP HNB De-Register 01/21/2023 01:52 AM Actions
5867 OsmoHNBGW Feature New Normal HNBGW_Tests.ttcn should do HNBAP UE Register and De-Register tests 01/21/2023 02:30 AM Actions
5865 OsmoHLR Feature New Low Automate selection of LU Reject Cause Osmocom CNI Developers 01/24/2023 09:47 PM Actions
5864 libosmocore Bug New Normal Libosmocore: Fix order of config parsing output arehbein 01/19/2023 12:05 AM Actions
5862 OsmoHNBGW Bug Feedback Normal segfault during HNBGW_Tests.TC_rab_assign_mgcp_to pespin 01/17/2023 10:35 PM Actions
5861 osmo-ePDG - VoWifi Evolved Packet Data Gateway Feature Stalled Normal extend charon with external authentication interface lynxis 01/29/2023 11:11 PM Related to #5868 Actions
5859 OsmoTRX Feature New Normal remove non-neon and non-sse support Hoernchen 01/16/2023 10:17 PM Actions
5858 Core testing infrastructure Bug In Progress Normal osmo-python-tests: Ignore, at least clean up 'tmp_dummy_sock' arehbein 01/15/2023 08:22 PM Related to #5665 Actions
5856 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Normal Very annoying "this BTS model does not support TSC 7 != BSIC-BCC 0" error. keith 01/14/2023 11:49 PM Actions
5855 Retronetworking Feature New Normal Establishing a German non-profit for retronetworking laforge 01/13/2023 11:59 AM Actions
5853 OsmoSGSN Feature New Normal osmo-sgsn: Rework to use libosmo-gprs 01/11/2023 03:14 PM Actions
5852 OsmoSGSN Bug New Normal osmo-sgsn: Keep TLLI<->NSEI+BVCI relation knowledge in BSSGP layer 01/11/2023 03:08 PM Actions
5851 OsmoSGSN Bug New Normal check if rate ctr GMM_CTR_PKTS_UDATA_IN is correct increased in sgsn_gtp_data_req() func 01/10/2023 06:40 PM Actions
5850 SDR (Software Defined Radio) Bug New Normal OBS mingw builds not updated since 2019 roox 01/04/2023 12:15 PM Actions
5848 Core testing infrastructure Feature In Progress Normal builders need ccache osmith 01/24/2023 02:24 PM Related to #5863 Actions
5844 OsmoPCU Bug New Normal pcu: ns: ip-sns: 2 local binds with a single remote is invalid 12/22/2022 09:59 PM Actions
5843 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal BTS features aren't reset after oml drop 12/22/2022 09:27 PM Actions
5842 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal ipa: investigate NSVC local and remote port configuration difference with wireshark dissector 12/22/2022 07:18 PM Actions
5839 OsmoGSMTester Feature New Normal Ability to switch off the osmo-trx machine pespin 12/20/2022 05:43 PM Actions
5838 OsmoGSMTester Feature New Normal Implement power switching for all BTSs 12/20/2022 05:30 PM Actions
5837 OsmoHNBGW Bug New Normal osmo-iuh: UE-REGISTER-REQ with uE_Identity type IMEI not implemented. 12/20/2022 03:43 PM Actions
5834 OsmoPCU Feature New Normal VTY option "two-phase-access" is misleading 12/19/2022 06:55 PM Actions
5833 OsmoPCU Feature New Low A "meas-feed" for osmo-pcu keith 12/18/2022 06:42 PM Actions
5831 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal SE K2x0i: built-in SIM reader is not working steve-m 12/16/2022 12:03 AM Actions
5830 pySim Bug In Progress Urgent --mnclen=3 buggy / broken dexter 01/30/2023 09:30 AM Actions
5829 libosmocore Feature New Low log fallback for log_check_level(), log_parse_category() 12/13/2022 10:44 PM Actions
5827 OsmoPCU Feature New Normal osmo-pcu: Hardcoded limit of maximum number of 8 TRX per BTS pespin 12/16/2022 11:55 AM Actions
5826 SIMtrace 2 Feature Stalled Normal SAM4S4BA support in firmware laforge 01/31/2023 08:06 PM Related to #1706 Actions
5824 osmo-e1d Bug New Normal Line dead message in the log after start 12/12/2022 08:57 PM Actions
5822 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal SE K2x0i: missing RF and AFC params 12/15/2022 11:36 PM Actions
5819 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Low Gerrit/gitiles: Parent links don't work 12/08/2022 01:28 PM Actions
5818 libosmocore Bug New Normal multithreaded logging causes lock contention and needs a rework 12/07/2022 04:00 PM Actions
5816 OsmoHNBGW Feature New Low Picocells availiable in R.U 12/07/2022 05:50 AM Actions
5815 OsmocomBB Feature New Low mobile: compose Bearer Capability IE depending on PHY capabilities and GAPK codec support 12/06/2022 07:38 PM Related to #3400, Related to #1461 Actions
5813 OsmoHNBGW Feature New Low Alcatel-Lucent femtocells availiable in Europe 12/07/2022 02:32 PM Actions
5812 OsmocomBB Feature New Low mobile: missing AMR support 12/06/2022 03:07 PM Related to #3400 Actions
5809 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug Feedback Normal applications disrespect potentially VTY-configured tcp/telnet port arehbein 01/02/2023 11:16 PM Actions
5808 gr-osmosdr Feature New Normal New option, for selecting an input channel of a soapy_source_c 12/05/2022 11:45 AM Actions
5805 SIMtrace 2 Bug New Normal SIM Trace 2 Build for Windows jelson_simEng 11/30/2022 11:52 AM Actions
5799 Core testing infrastructure Bug New Normal OBS nightly repo in inconsistent state / repo-install-debian10 fails 11/29/2022 08:05 AM Actions
5787 OsmoBSC Feature In Progress Normal make handover_fsm timeouts configurable osmith 11/25/2022 03:09 PM Actions
5783 OsmoBSC Feature In Progress Normal Generate + Send SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 10 to BTSs msuraev 01/28/2023 11:48 AM Related to #5782 Actions
5782 OsmoBTS Feature New Normal Transmit SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 10 in DL SACCH of VGCS/VBS downlink 01/24/2023 10:48 AM Related to #5783 Actions
5781 OsmoBTS Feature New Normal NCH support in osmo-bts 01/24/2023 10:48 AM Actions
5780 OsmoMSC Feature New Normal Implement/Support UUS1 01/24/2023 10:48 AM Actions
5779 OsmoBSC Feature New Normal VGCS support in osmo-bsc 01/24/2023 10:49 AM Actions
5778 OsmoBSC Feature New Normal VBS support in osmo-bsc 01/24/2023 10:49 AM Actions
5777 OsmoMSC Feature New Normal VGCS support in OsmoMSC sysmocom 01/24/2023 10:49 AM Actions
5776 OsmoMSC Feature New Normal VBS support in osmo-msc sysmocom 01/24/2023 10:49 AM Actions
5775 OsmoTRX Feature New Normal VCGS/VBS support in osmo-trx Hoernchen 01/24/2023 10:49 AM Related to #4851 Actions
5774 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal Drop pcu_sock conn if queue length grows up to a given threshold arehbein 01/31/2023 08:12 PM Actions
5773 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Bug New Normal OsmoGGSN sends Direct Tunnel packets to the wrong IP address 11/17/2022 04:17 AM Actions
5771 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature New Normal series of presentations about the invididual CNI network elements sysmocom 11/14/2022 07:25 PM Actions
5770 SIMtrace 2 Bug Feedback Normal simtrace2 firmware ignores any but the first USB message sent by simtrace2-list after a reset jtavares 11/23/2022 04:01 AM Actions
5768 Retronetworking Feature New Normal retronetworking logo / artwork 11/28/2022 07:51 AM Actions
5766 libosmo-abis Feature New Low use Linux kernel KCM for IPA header? 11/13/2022 08:15 AM Related to #5751 Actions
5764 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Normal GCC does not check format strings in LOGPFSM macros 11/11/2022 06:30 AM Actions
5762 Core testing infrastructure Feature New Normal Develop TTCN-3 test suite for PGW 11/10/2022 06:38 PM Actions
5761 Core testing infrastructure Feature New Normal Develop TTCN-3 test suite for SGW 11/09/2022 09:49 PM Actions
5760 Core testing infrastructure Feature New Normal Develop TTCN-3 test suite for MME 11/09/2022 09:46 PM Actions
5759 OsmoSGSN Feature New Normal Support for Mobility between SGSN (2G/3G) and S-GW (4G) 11/09/2022 09:45 PM Actions
5758 OsmoDia2GSUP Feature New Normal bring osmo_dia2gsup to production quality 11/09/2022 09:44 PM Actions
5757 OsmoDia2GSUP Feature New Normal functional test suite for osmo_dia2gsup 11/09/2022 09:43 PM Actions
5756 libosmo-abis Bug New Normal io_uring support in libosmo-abis 11/09/2022 01:01 PM Related to #5751 Actions
5755 OsmoBSC Feature New High io_uring support in osmo-bsc 11/19/2022 09:26 AM Related to #5751 Actions
5754 OsmoMGW Feature New Normal io_uring support in libosmo-mgcp-client 11/09/2022 12:48 PM Related to #5751 Actions
5753 libosmo-netif Feature New Normal io_uring support in libosmo-netif 11/09/2022 12:45 PM Related to #5751 Actions
5752 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Feature New High io_uring support in libosmo-sigtran 11/19/2022 09:26 AM Related to #5751 Actions
5751 libosmocore Feature In Progress Urgent io_uring support in libosmocore daniel 12/06/2022 02:31 PM Related to #5752, Related to #5753, Related to #5754, Related to #5755, Related to #5756, Related to #5766 Actions
5750 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Normal contrib/ build with -Wunused-macros and -Wundef 11/08/2022 08:07 PM Actions
5749 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Normal default CFLAGS, LT_INIT adds "-g -O2" fixeria 01/31/2023 08:12 PM Actions
5746 Retronetworking Feature New Low Create H.221 decoder 11/07/2022 10:55 PM Actions
5745 osmo-lab-rack Feature In Progress Low component carrier Ethernet switch laforge 02/03/2023 11:29 AM Actions
5744 OsmoBSC Bug New Low sysmobts: when a BTS is rf_locked and doesn't support BTS_FEAT_MULTI_TSC the OML connection is dropped lynxis 11/23/2022 11:14 PM Actions
5742 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal Gaps in RTP stream originating from BTS cause problems for downstream MGW 11/21/2022 08:49 PM Actions
5740 OsmoBSC Feature New Low Disallow unworkable AMR modes. keith 11/08/2022 05:15 PM Actions
5738 Misc Hardware Projects Bug New Normal Sim 800L module Connectivity 11/02/2022 06:55 PM Actions
5735 osmo-e1d Bug New Normal ctl client disconnect doesn't re-set timeslot state laforge 11/01/2022 04:53 PM Actions
5731 gr-osmosdr Bug New High Install gr-osmosdr on Ubuntu 20.04 10/27/2022 01:39 PM Actions
5730 OsmoMGW Feature New Low Fax over GSM support 10/27/2022 09:31 AM Follows #4395 Actions
5726 OsmoMGW Bug New Normal AMR octet-align in SDP: lack of 'octet-align' fmtp should imply octet-align=0, and the presence or absence of this fmtp should not have an effect 11/02/2022 04:44 PM Related to #5723 Actions
5723 OsmoMGW Feature New Normal mgcp-client API: there should be a separate mgcp_codec_param for each codec in mgcp_msg.codecs[] 10/22/2022 01:04 AM Related to #5726 Actions
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