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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
3810 OsmoGSMTester Bug New Normal ofono: Fix ocasional crash when running against osmo-gsm-tester pespin 03/25/2019 11:28 AM
3851 OpenBSC Bug In Progress Normal External tests error osmith 03/25/2019 09:56 AM
3858 osmo-clock-gen Feature New Normal Make more GPIOs avaliable for future use laforge 03/24/2019 08:22 PM
3857 osmo-clock-gen Bug New Normal Use SAMD XOSC / PLL / GCLK to allow lower reference frequencies laforge 03/24/2019 03:51 PM
3856 osmo-clock-gen Feature New Normal Use SAMD21 instead of SAMD11 laforge 03/24/2019 10:39 AM
3855 gr-osmosdr Bug New Normal Cannot build gr-osmosdr with Gnuradio 3.8 horiz0n 03/22/2019 08:56 PM
3830 OsmoHLR Feature New Normal make downward compatible db-schema updates automatic 03/21/2019 07:27 PM
3854 OsmoPCU Bug In Progress Normal OsmoPCU uses wrong CellID in BSSGP laforge 03/21/2019 07:08 PM
3850 pySim Bug In Progress Normal programming of 3 digit MNC does not work dexter 03/21/2019 04:47 PM
3765 libosmocore Feature In Progress High Build old (at least latest) releases of programs against "master of the day" libosmo* osmith 03/21/2019 03:13 PM
3853 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal TC_sgsap_mt_sms_and_nothing does not pass dexter 03/21/2019 02:45 PM
3614 OsmoMSC Feature In Progress High SGs integration tests in TTCN3 dexter 03/21/2019 01:00 PM
3749 OsmoPCU Support In Progress Normal Integrate existing code and patches for OC-2G hardware and phy from oc2g-next branch of nrw_noa daniel 03/21/2019 12:38 PM
3852 OsmoBSC Bug In Progress Normal TC_chan_rel_hard_clear_csfb does not pass dexter 03/21/2019 08:47 AM
3838 OsmoSTP Bug Feedback Normal connecting two BSCs to OsmoSTP will both end up with the same routing key laforge 03/21/2019 02:17 AM
2249 OsmoBSC Bug Stalled Normal RR GPRS suspension request is not forwarded to the GMM/SGSN osmith 03/20/2019 03:22 PM
3806 OsmoBSC Bug In Progress Normal OsmoBSC accepts BSSAP with wrong length field dexter 03/18/2019 05:18 PM Related to #3805
3849 OsmoMGW Bug New Normal race condition problem in rtp flow tests of the ttcn3 testsuite 03/18/2019 04:53 PM
3848 Miscellaneous Projects Feature New Normal Osmocom stickers wih black background / non-rectangular outline maike 03/18/2019 08:58 AM Blocked by #3847
3847 Miscellaneous Projects Feature New Normal Osmocom logo with/for black background tsaitgaist 03/18/2019 08:54 AM Blocks #3848
3582 OsmocomBB Feature Stalled Normal Merge reading of factory RF calibration values fixeria 03/17/2019 09:10 AM Related to #2704, Related to #3581, Related to #1458, Related to #3801
3845 libosmocore Feature New Low Unified logging in Gb NS / BSSGP code 03/16/2019 02:33 PM
3844 OsmoPCU Bug In Progress High Gb SNS implementation uses pre-configured IP/port even if it is not part of the SNS-CONFIG laforge 03/16/2019 01:48 PM
3823 OsmoBTS Bug In Progress Normal osmo-bts-oc2g claims BTS can transmit 40dBm. In reality, it's 25dBm dexter 03/15/2019 03:12 PM Related to #3748
3843 OsmoBTS Bug In Progress Normal clean up sending of OML failure event reports dexter 03/15/2019 02:53 PM
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